Greater Than Our Heart

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  1. 1 John 3:20~ For if our heart condemn us, God is
    greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.

    The verses prior teach that those born of God do not
    sin because His nature is now in them. Many loose
    heart at this though, as I once did, and find it hard
    to continue on in persevering faith if/when we stumble.
    It is vital to understand our salvation is completely of
    God. God knows all things, and is greater than any
    condemnation that threatens our faith in God's sure
    promise to quicken our mortal bodies, and lead us in
    the paths that please Him. We can take heart, and
    press on to apprehend all that the Spirit of God
    apprehended us for!
  2. Our heart condemning us and the shame there of is a means to learn, know, and turn from sin, as we know by that very conviction, that though we have faith in GOD, we haven't submitted all to His will. Chastisement is only temporary. Trials are to prove ones nature, if to none other than self, as GOD surely knows where our loyalties and motivations lie.

  3. Yes, conviction and conscience is a means to be directed from
    sin in the believer... agreed. For some, such as myself, an
    over-active conscience can be a down fall that keeps us from
    approaching God in faith. I cannot number the times this verse
    has encouraged me to approach God for grace rather than sink
    into unbelieving despair.
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