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Grand Opening! Anchor Baptist Church-greece, Ny

Discussion in 'Churches and Ministries' started by Brother_Mike_V, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Brother_Mike_V

    Brother_Mike_V Well-Known Member

    Pastor Jeff Harris is opening a new Church in Greece, NY on September 8th.- Anchor Baptist Church. He is a Church Planter for the deaf ministry in Rochester, NY. September 8th is his grand opening. Currently they are leasing space from:

    Trinity Episcopal Church
    3150 West Ridge Road
    Rochester, New York 14626

    I can give you his phone & email if you personal message me.

    His home Church is:

    Lincoln Trail Baptist Church

    Pastor Harris is currently working (I think teaching and translating American Sign Language) at RIT. His goal is to grow a Bible believing Church in Rochester, NY while ministering to the largest deaf population in the United States. I consider him a friend even though I have only known him about a year. He is a good people-he is a genuine Christian with a heart for God.
  2. Brother_Mike_V

    Brother_Mike_V Well-Known Member

  3. JG27_chili

    JG27_chili Moderator & Community Supporter Staff Member Supporter

    God Bless this new church for the deaf and shower many Blessings upon Pastor Jeff Harris. In Jesus name Amen

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