grace to us through His word

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  1. grace to us through His word

    He offers his grace to us through His word. He works His grace within us as we are nurtured in His word, trusting in what the Lord has to say to us. As God's word is taken into our lives, its capabilities are unleashed, demonstrating that it is "able to build you up and give you an inheritance."

    Bob Hoekstra
  2. Amen Larry and just last night my friend and I were talking about grace and it's definition. You know " grace '" is a very hard word to actually define.
  3. The last half a dozen or so posts in the Daily Devotion thread do a great and detailed job of just that. A friend of mine always defined it like this:
    God's Riches At Christ's Expense . A good translation is simply God's umerited favour.
  4. I have read them but I think it is still hard for us to understand. But that is a good definition as well. Thanks:)
  5. Grace is Love of God in action in Christ

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