Grace through the storm

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    This has ministered to me many times, and I thought it would minister to some here. The book this was taken from is captured by grace by Dr. David Jeremiah

    The first paragraph is written by John Newton after loosing his adoptive daughter Eliza.
    Her grieving adoptive father prepared a little memorial book for the girl that he had awaited for so long. In it he wrote: "if we know and trust Him....He chooses better for us than we can for ourselves..... but now i can praise and adore Him for.....His plan. I not only can His sovereignty, but I admire His wisdom and goodness, and can say from my heart, He has done all things well.

    The rest of this is from the author.....
    Can you say that about your walk with God? Can you praise and adore Him even when your heart is breaking and you feel overwhelmed by disappointment? It could be that your struggling with some trial at this very moment. If you can place your trust totally in His Love and His promise to work all things for your good, then you will have taken a step toward embracing the mysteries of His grace. You will bear a slightly closer resemblance to the Savior who gave His life to save you.

    Then God will look upon your life, smile, and say, "Yes, My child. How you've grown since you first came to know Me! You're becoming wiser and stronger every day. There was a time when you could rejoice only when the sun was shining. But now your soul is taking on real substance. Now you are becoming sturdy and strong. I have trusted you with this burden, and you have honored Me through the stubbornness of your faith".

    "Though your eyes are presently filled with tears, My child, and though your shoulders sag with unhappiness, I want you to know something. I want you to be assured that our adventure together is only beginning. Trials remain for you to face, but behind each obstacle there lies a greater joy. And all along the way, I have paved your road with blessings to remind of the inheritance that is yours as My child. Walk on, now, in the joy that will not be slowed even by sadness. Walk on toward the crown of glory that has your name on it."
    "Walk on, My child. And let us walk together."

    As i read this...tears were flowing, and i knew that this was God speaking to me, (this was about 5 years ago). I hung onto the blessings part that were along the way....and it helped to get me through the next storm or trial. I pray it gives you the same hope!

    God Bless you abundantly
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  2. Thanks for sharing Cturtle, the story really help to strengthen my faith.
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  3. Dear Cturtle thank you so much for sharing this.
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  4. And I believe that you will find that John Newton was the man who wrote "Amazing Grace".
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  5. Yes sir you are correct that the Holy Spirit wrote Amazing Grace through him. His story is a good one, and watching the movie Amazing Grace showed how William Wilberforce was affected and empowered or moved to abolish slavery by John Newton.
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  6. Good stuff isn't it?????

    Newton was of course a slave trader and it is said that he was so mean that when he fell overboard from his ship at one point, they harpooned him and he survived the incident which lead to the Amazing Grace.
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  7. Wow..interesting
    And yes good stuff
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