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  1. Just wanted to say hi and thank you all for allowing me to be apart of this forum. I am fairly new to forums, and hope when you are reading this it finds you in good health, peace and joy. My life as i knew it was turned upside down a few years ago, when i came back to the Lord. I realized that as much as i thought that i trusted God, i in fact did not.
    Soooooo, He is in the process of removing all of the lies that the devil has told me over the years, and has begun for the past year (about) rebuilding and renewing my mind to what The Word of God says and not to what man says.
    My future is fully in God's hands. And i have asked to be fully engrafted into the vine so that all anyone sees is the Father, not me. I want to go places in God, that only He can bring me back from. And i want to be totally obedient to all of His will and ways.
    Blessings to you all
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  2. Wellcome Cturtle,
    Hmmm C turtle, is that like slow and deliberate in Christ ?
    Hey we all have had our slow starts and missed it a time or two and "AINT GRACE WONDERFUL" (y);)

    You say you are new to the forum scene, well I am new here but I can tell you this. Do not compare this place with any other forum you may have been before. The people here are wonderful and thoughtful and very loving and caring and full of love for God.

    Look around and get to know the place and you will find that you have many new friends or I should say loving brothers and sisters. Enjoy and keep on keeping on unto the LOVE of ther Father.
    Blessings and hugs in Christ
  3. Thank you. Peace to you both!
  4. A warm welcome to the family...
    I'm sure the Lord will wipe away those lies that the Devil has told you.
  5. Oh I can assure you that He has a huge eraser :) He has used at least half of it...giggle. like your signature says...His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!
  6. (y)
  7. Hi Cturtle welcome to CFS sis. I remember in 97 when I went to Hawaii i went snorkeling. I came across a green sea turtle about 10 ft down. i actually grabbed its shell and it took me for a wonderful ride...maybe a 1.5 minutes til I ran out of breath. Your avatar reminded me of that :D:cool:
    Well sit back and enjoy our God Blessed CFS site. Looking forward to reading your posts (y):barefoot:
  8. Welcome! Turtles are my second favorite animal. Blessings! :)
  9. Welcome!

    For some reason, I keep hearing that line from Pirates of the Caribbean, "Aye, sea turtles!"
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  10. Welcome to CFS!
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  11. Welcome and hope that you enjoy!
  12. Thanks all for the wonderful welcomes! You all have been so gracious!
    Blessings to you all!
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  13. A warm welcome!! :D

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  14. Hello Gina and welcome to the forum. I haven't been here much over the past few weeks however I hope we hear from each other soon, God bless...
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  15. Hi Cturtle,
    It's nice to see you here, too! (y)
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  16. Welcome to CFS Gina.
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  17. Tried to post this on your profile but could not figure it out so i will post it here..... i found you a friend.

    Blessings seal.jpg
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