Gotta Love High Voltage

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by LanceA, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Getting ready to open pad mount on wind turbine.

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  2. Dude it's not fair! I was in my office from 8 this morning till 5, no customers and very little work to do....
  3. Haha, I would love an office job some days.
  4. I'm sure you would but sorry, your job looks too cool, you Americans have all the fun!
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  5. Does home depot sell these outfits? I'm always scared of getting shocked. Would love to show up to peoples homes in that outfit.
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  6. Is that protection for arc flash?
  7. Yes it is. It is basically there to keep my body in tact if pad mount blows.
  8. I'm out of field here but could you humor my curiosity (ignorance)?

    So, the pad mount blows and thanks to your suit you're the least conductive thing around. But if the arc goes somewhere else, wouldn't there still be a tremendous amount of heat? Is the idea that the suit would let you get off burned but alive? Or does it have ridiculous thermal insulation? Would the heat from the pad blowing dissipate so quickly out in the open air that it's a non issue?
  9. Basically if it blows my body parts will be easier to find lol. We are taught to turn our backs to it when we open the circuit and close it. This is so it blows us away and they can identify us :) so I'm told lol
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  10. Hahahaha!

    How comforting :D

    I would be glad to give toward a kitty to buy you a long rubber pole with a hook for the toggle. :) mmmm. maybe we should patent that? I'm guessing it's pretty stiff, we'd have to figure out how to give you mechanical advantage from that distance.
  11. We do have a long hook. They are pretty safe as long as oil lvl is good and some skunk or badger isn't hiding inside lol
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  12. Are you guys hiring? I used to do tower work- i know enough about electricity to be dangerous. I am seriously under qualified. The one thing I have going for me is that I can work at heights. Does your company offer any training programs? Union? Do you have to be a Master Electrician?

    Mostly just curious....
  13. Be safe Lance!
  14. Pretty much on the job training. I went back to school for it. The site I'm at is short three techs. The company I work for is always hiring.

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