Gotta get the last word! Part 3

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Born2LoveYou, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. NOPE!!!!!!!!!

    Me last WORD!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nope sorry Angel..... I got to get the last word of 2007.... woooo...... hooooo

  3. That's cute Violet.....but

  4. I'm thinking I should have the last word... I mean, don't you guys think so? It's only fair... And right... And, anyway...

    WHO CARES??!!!!


  5. Na na nana nah!!!!
    LAST WORD!:p
  6. Hey Angel.... Long time no see.... but I have to tell you.... He he..

  7. HEY DUSTY!!!!!!!

    WORD! :D:D:D
  8. I don’t know if anyone got these yet. I haven’t read through all of the posts. I’m assuming no one got these yet, otherwise why would you keep this going? These two are the last words.
    So there.:p

    Or Zyzzyva

    What is the absolute last word in any dictionary?

    Zyxt is listed as the last word in the online Oxford English Dictionary, an obsolete Kentish word that is the second singular indicative present form of the verb see. The next-to-last is zyxst, an obsolete word meaning 'sixth'. Several online dictionaries list the word zyzzyva, a tropical American weevil, as the last word in the letter Z.
  9. HAHAHA!!!!!

  10. Using the dictionary ain't fair! :p
    WORD :D
    God bless,

  11. Cheaters never prosper....... He he !!!!!

  12. I want to know why we try to get the last word when obviously we won't :eek:
  13. Wow. GGTLW part 3? This must have been the most interesting topic on CFS. :D Btw, I beat you again Kimmie.

  14. :) Jeff,

  15. Let me have the last word… or the kitty gets it.

  16. Hehehehehehehe^ :D *snort* hahehehehehe:p

  17. Dean realizes he was not allowed the last word.
    His finger slowly applies pressure to the trigger.
    … but wait… he suddenly senses the presence of another.
    Oh no… it turns out the cat has a friend…

    Realizing his plans have been foiled, he reluctantly bows to the squirrel knowing with the superior firepower… the squirrel has the last word.


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