Gotta get the last word! Part 3

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Born2LoveYou, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Gotta get the last word! Part 3

    Hahahaha....I have the Last word!!

    My thread, my word! haha :D
  2. Ummmmmm....yaeah, right!:p:p:p
  3. Oh!!!! Have we started a new thread ??

  4. Word.

    ....... :dance:
    ........ :dance:
    ........ :dance:

    (Wow that was a LOT harder to make then I thought it would be.)
  5. What is it with you people and your last word threads?!?

    I mean!!! Well, I got it anyway...:dance::dance::dance:

    The last word, I mean...
  6. What !!!!!! Sorry to burst you all's bubble but..........

  7. [​IMG]

    Its mine now. I just got the trophy! :dance:
  8. Revelation 22:21 "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all, Amen."

    That's the last word in the Bible. "Amen." So there. HaHA! Victory is Mine! Taste the defeat! Slam that football into the ground! Dance in the end zone! Here come the Gatorade shower, Y'all!
  9. :camera:
    I wanna snap a pic of that "shocked-look" on your face:D
    cause that last word is mine!!!!!!

  10. Cool.... Very inventive but here is my post. Yahoo...

    Last word .... Last dance......

  11. That's too weird.....I just looked that guy up last night on Youtube!!!

  12. I guesss cause he is Canadian huh ??? Maybe that's why he is wierd.:):)

  13. [​IMG]
    I am not giving up!
  14. Word! The last one, I mean!:)
  15. OH, LAURA.......

  16. That's very funny, Jeff!


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