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  1. This Muslim girl around my age from my city randomly added me on facebook. I accept any friend request I get. Anyways she messages me few weeks ago and constantly messages me everyday and its cool I like talking with her. Than out of the blue she goes too bad your Christian. I go whats that suppose to mean. She goes you dont believe in prophet Muhammad. And I tell her that's because Muhammad wasn't crucified for our sins. She tells me you don't really believe all that do you. I said yeah Jesus is the son of God and was brought down to wash away our sins. She goes wow I feel sorry for you.

    Mind you she was extremely polite and kind up until this point. I than tell her Islam is satanic since she wants to get into a debate. She blows up on me. I eventually tell her "Why are Muslims welcomed with open arms in U.S/U.K/Europe/Australia..etc but Christians are executed in most middle eastern countries.... my cousins are hiding for their lives right now in Mosul..... give me one good explanation about that" She goes well those are the extremists they've been brainwashed.

    And the argument kept going on but she kept sugar coating everything and told me shell talk to me later cause shes "pissed" at me.

    Should I just stop talking to this person? I dont want to leave a bad example as a follower of Christ but thats disrespectful.
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  2. Were you ever a Muslim? if so let her know why you turned to Christianity and how it has helped you. Let the Holy Spirit speak for you through you. Show her the Love of Jesus and how HE defeated death for us by rising up from the grave to pay for our sins. She might not accept it but it is definitely worth a shot. I pray for you Alang that all will be good in the eyes of Jesus. :)
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  3. I don't meet for example Muslims where I live but in conversation with others (eg. athiests) with different beliefs to me, I do try to balance my belief that Jesus really is the Son of God and there is only one true path with avoiding firey terms like "satanic". I'm not saying way may not believe other may be deceived by Satan, just we need to view them as people, often with their own wrestles in this world.

    I'd also be nervous of setting ourselves and countries up as saints (eg. I don't see all my UK history as us bing nice and welcoming or without vested interests)

    Tread carefully, my friend and don't loose sight of your own faith. I can;t tell you whether or not your dialogue will be fruitful.

    (I'm a pretty poor example of a Chirstian btw but at least that's how I think I would try to play it)
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  4. I would probably just leave it alone for now. Just show Christ through your life on Facebook to set an example.
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  5. Well, you weren't exactly subtle, were you? ;)

    I find these debates pointless. Just pray for her and don't let religion get in the way of your friendship.

    I have nothing against Muslims, I respect their beliefs but to me, Jesus really is the Son of God and the only path to Salvation, He is 'the way and the truth and the life' (John 14: 6)
  6. I would like to make a of the things the Qur'an tries to teach is that Jesus (who they consider a Prophet) was NOT crucified unto death (which would mean He was resurrected which they teach was a lie/deception written into the EnJil (the gospels) later.

    Now up until around 1300 A.D. we did not possess much of what has been revealed in our time. So Mohammed could get away with this denial and re-writing of true History because no Christian could prove otherswise. But now we have the documents of others (historical references) outside the Bible that testify to this from before the time of Mohammed.

    Bring up this issue (so you do not believe Messiah was crucified? Here is real history that says you are not correct...) and then show her some actual history....see how she responds

    Tacitus in around 90 A.D. writes ""Christus, the founder of the [Christian] name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate" they say He was not

    The Greek philosopher Celsus (around 120-140 A.D. says "Jesus accordingly exhibited after His death only the appearance of wounds received on the cross, and was not in reality so wounded as He is described to have been."

    Lucian of Samasota (west of the Euphrates) around 140 tells us "The Christians, you know, worship a man to this day- the distinguished personage who introduced their novel rites, and was crucified on that account... It was impressed on them by their original lawgiver that they are all brothers from the moment they are converted and deny the gods of Greece, and worship the crucified sage, and live after his laws..."

    Josephus tells us "When Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men among us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him."

    All these NON-Christian historical figures, with no interest in supporting Christianity, casually make reference to the fact that Jesus (called the Christ) was in fact crucified under Roman authority...

    This is just one of the many proofs of error in what they have been taught but do not say to her that she has been taught error just show her the historical truth and cultivate the realization in her by prayer (give the seed time to sprout)...there is more but this is one place to start because this is what you mentioned first...

    In His love

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  7. Was born a Christian. Yea trust me I tried, anything I say she goes yeah but thats how Islam is too.
  8. Yea they are pointless. I pulled out all those violent verses from the Qur'an and she tells me im cherry picking the bad ones. So its perfectly ok to kill in the name of "Allah" I guess lol. These kind of people are in denial I feel really sorry for them.
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  9. Wow good stuff. I will show her this.
  10. I seen a really interesting video from a Muslim that became a Christian. It's on Facebook so not sure how to post it here but if you send me a Facebook request I can send it to you.
  11. Sure what's your fb
  12. I would ask her why in the Qur'an it says nothing about mothers or wives (or children for that matter) being in paradise? Why only men each with 70 perpetual virgins?
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    I think it was awesome that you told her your beliefs, good job! I don't really think you need to point out why her beliefs are satanic though, it usually only causes an argument which goes nowhere, just look at the argument threads on CFS, clear enough examples of the uselessness in arguing, which are too numerous to count. The thing is people are obviously very personal with their religions, so when you tell them "your wrong", they just get insulted and attack you or block you out. Besides she is a Muslim, she knows what Muslims believe, so their is no need getting into that with her. Just let her know the truth and the rest is between her and God. She may still be hurt by the things you said and I would suggest giving an apology just to be safe and hope she starts talking to you again. And don't make the same mistake again! It's easy to get carried away but the best way to evangelize is not the "i'm right you're wrong approach" but the loving approach. I will pray that God speaks through you to this lady.
  14. Nail on the head!!!!
  15. perfect timing I just got home and she literally just messaged me .... gonna go in brahs lol ill update you
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  16. perfect timing I just got home and she literally just messaged me .... gonna go in brahs lol ill update you
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    You did well to defend Jesus. But you must never knock her as hard as you did. You can't say her belief is satanic. You put her on the defensive. She has believed that her whole life. You simply came across as a smart Alec who doesn't really care about her. You threw stones at her and she returned them. Is that how you came to Jesus? What was your intentions? To show you are right or convert her?

    You have to try understand that other God fearing people > ungodly. They are trying to be God fearing. They are trying to live a life that pleases God. They live by many laws that we too can respect!

    I approach Muslims like this: It is good that you are God fearing. How often do you judge yourself harshly? Are you truly selfless? Do you 'really' desire to help orphans, widows and elderly? How often do you do this? Don't you think the teachings of Jesus that are in the Quran are different to the other prophets? Jesus taught to turn the left cheek, who else taught that? Isn't that better then eye for an eye. If our belief does not teach selflessness then how good is it really? Christianity has selflessness at its core. If any Christian returns eye for an eye he is in opposition to the whole bible. Don't you think that's good?

    Helping them grasp their shortfall / weakness in obeying the laws is step one in identifying the need for Jesus. They are not truly good people. They are really just selfish and their religion helps their selfish need to feel like a good person. Help them see that truth.

    A point I often raise is: 48 prophets and 7 prophetesses that all had noticeable power and authority went to the Jews and ONE, just ONE went to the Arabs??? ....and he miraculously happens to be the . They say God was disillusioned with the Jews. God made 55 mistakes?
  18. Me: I was gonna get in a debate with you but I dont want you to get all upset agian so for
    I guess I came on a little hard but the way she was talking to me was very rude too even though two wrongs dont make a right sometimes I get a little over dramatic when I argue. She still has yet to answer me why the quran doesnt mention woman..etc in paradise... she goes let me get one of my muslim friends to help I dont have that much knowledge ..... lol poor girl is so misguided shes following a religion and doesnt know any of the bad things about it.

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