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  1. gospels

    how mant were written by 12 apostles,also if you cross reference each book ,what is written by 1 and left out by 3 etc.?:jesus-sign:
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  3. so luke wrote about a lot of main issues.but luke wasn,t an apostle.more interesting is the things he never wrote about,which is few.what do you think m8.
  4. This has been explained to me and become more evident as I have gone back and re-read the different accounts, that the content of each book reflects the personality of the author, just like any other incident related by different eye witnesses. I am still learning about the apostles, and new to studying the Bible, so I wont try a get the names right, but these guys all had different mindsets. One was a sensitive man and his account focuses on Christ's actions of love and compassion,while another was a tax collector, so he focused more on the finer details of the actual events he was witnesssing.
    Its no different than asking 12 people who all read the same book, to give a report on it. All of the reports will have the same baseline presentation, but all will decribe it a little different, because what was significant to one, may not have been so to another.
    You can actually get a feel for each one of the new testament authors's personality, by comparring the accounts side by side and doing just what you are talking about. And in this way, we come to realize that these were just ordinary men from all walks of life, who answered the call. They answered, and God lifted them up above all others. What will happen when we answer?:bow:
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