Google launches internet browser

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Housesitter, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hmmmmm........

    I think this is more directed at Windows users then anything else. Its still in beta stage.

    I tried it out briefly today at work, still need to put it through the hoops.....
  2. I wasn't expecting that. I thought Google would just consider buying Firefox. I am a big Google and Firefox fan and this new browser could mess it all up. lol
  3. Hmmm...seems a little more spacey. Everything's blue, no big shock there. Tabulated browsing. Didn't seem any faster than IE on a T1 connection. Back button, refresh, bookmarks.

    We'll see. Updated to IE8 the other day and started getting error messages right off the I may stick with this one.

    For now.;)
  4. From what I have heard, IE8 is crashing on a lot of systems so if you don't want to take risks now, may be you should wait for a later release.
  5. I have both IE7 and FF3 and they do the job. I will wait till IE8 gets rid of its bugs and also till Chrome proves itself before I make any changes.
  6. This Chrome thing...I think I could get used to it. I kind of like the way it has all of my pages displayed and I just have to click on the one that I want to go to.

    I read the comicbook. Very simple. A little longwinded. But it made me curious.

    What was wrong with IE5? Hee hee.:eek:

  7. It's official. I've deleted all of the shortcuts to IE on my computer and I'm using Chrome now. I'm getting to know more and more features on the browser and I'm thinking to myself: Why didn't they think of this before?:eek:
  8. With that recommendation I guess I will have to give it a try myself.
  9. I probably would I try it, but not get to attached to it until its out of beta....
  10. Aww, I just got used to Google is doing something.

    I think I'll wait it all out, until something REALLY good comes out! :D
  11. Firefox 3 is the best !!!! for me :p
    in my opinion also :p haha

    when you add many add-ons and enjoy its full capabilities. wow it's great and easy :)
    so many choices. and it's the fastest one so far and the one that uses the less ram.
    I haven't tried google chrome yet.
  12. I had that from the day it came out...its quick and its ok...give the same sort of views on forums that opera does. It's ok but nothing special.:fish:

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