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    6/26 Goodbye Michael Jackson, Hello Jesus (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2) Death does not discriminate and does not make appointments. At this time of sadness consider where you are and where you will be going. Jesus is the only surety you have. The encouraging word and video devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. For more visit On Good Ground International Ministries
  2. I hope Michael knew Jesus.
  3. Good sermon
  4. I hope Jesus knew Michael.
  5. Bless the Lord!
    That is our prayer... We really don't know Michael's walk. Only Jesus knows but I do pray that he did have a moment with Jesus before he died and I also pray now fervently that this will move people to get to know Jesus. Somehow tragedy always does. But even in this, people must know that God is still good and He really is the only way.
  6. I hope that too. I remember watching a video on his life history and he used to be a member of a Baptist Church, i think his whole family. So hopefully he did accept Jesus into his life and repent at some stage...

  7. Me too. Even tho I never liked him, my prayers went to him.
  8. EXCELLENT POST!!:cool::D
  9. I really do like his music, I even have some songs downloaded on my ipod.
    He was a little strange but aren't we all in some way? tee hee. Anyway I hope he also knew Christ.
  10. Amen! Great Message!
  11. Praise the Lord!
    I've read on Mary Mary's fan page that Michael went to visit with Andrae Crouch and Andrae prayed with him that he would receive the Lord. I pray it is so! Just shows the graciousness of our God... it happened just three weeks ago.

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