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  1. Goodbye for good. I am leaving this forum for good. I am sick of people attacking one another. The peoples email addresses I have in my contacts, I will keep them so we all can be friends off the forum.

    I started a thread about someone I yes IDOLIZE and on page 11-12 and hopefully not beyond is getting heated. I know that forums have people that like to debate, but when the mods and OP ask their thread not get heated get heated, it feels like the OP shouldn't have created it.

    I'm done with being on Christian forums. Every one I've been on just gets me to get mad and leave.

    So I will be here until a few of you respond to this thread and say your mean things you're going to say. Then it's off to my own little world.

    And no begging me to stay. I'm not gonna.
  2. Not going to beg you to stay. I'm sorry I was involved in the negative conversation but I do feel Michael took it way out of context. I've noticed he does this often. So please forgive me for my part in it. You have a good nature about you. Christians are going to argue because that is our nature. Until Jesus comes again it will most likely stay that way. Again I apologize. You were trying to do something good and it didn't work out. God Bless
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  3. Thanks. You had the right to post. I'm out of here. Goodbye guys and I hope you all pray to
  4. Perhaps it might be a good idea if you tried to lurk a little more rather than being so active and getting upset when things that are really out of your control don't always go as you hope but I don't think you need to leave.

    I could of course be wrong but please give it some thought.
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  5. I've only just joined here and getting to find my way round here. You welcomed me first and i really enjoyed your OP that invited us to quote scripture verses that are positive. Just like to let you know that and thank you .
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  6. Guys, I can't. It's my last post so, good bye for good.

    @Sal if you want my email address, I can message you it and we can talk off the forum. You will be the last one I give it to.
  7. I agree. I was looking for Christian friends who actually want to listen and support. But it turns out to be sour. Its a shame. I came to learn and be inspired, to learn from others but instead I get bombarded with verses and put to shame for not being to "godly" enough for them.

    People forget they need to show love and compassion, appreciate & understand. Thats why I wanted to leave too.
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  8. At first I thought this was a thread I already read a few days ago, but this was created 57 minutes ago. Bets anyone? Just kidding.

    Dana please don't go. Your threads are always fun and great to read. Everyone here loves you, and it would be heartbreaking if you left. Think about all the people that you have encouraged on this forum. We need you.
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    Right after I invited someone from a different forum because the other one was too argumentative. :/

    Jesus Freak, don't leave. Everything is going to be okay.
  10. It's sort of unrealistic to not expect friction when so many different revelations and denominations are in one place. Even Paul and Barnabas had a falling out. (Funny, Barnabas was never mentioned again)

    Also, without the friction how would we examine right things through our own fish bowl?
    We can look past the clashing of swords and sound of scripture cannons to find something you actually needed to know.

    To think everyone is going to agree with everyone, and never demand a scripture for proof is not reality.

    If you comb through, I endure lots of abuse. Your WOF, then I get a list of things another minister said to prove me wrong. My denomination is of the devil. I never mention someones denomination or put ministers down...... yet I just ignore it and don't say a word about it.

    If you lie, misrepresent me or a minister or claim I said something I did not, then we have a issue, because at that point it's just being dishonest and nothing to do with scripture or denominations.

    We all got buttons, we need to learn to just get over it. I could not stand a forum where we all beat the same drum. I can get that without any forum.

    Good bye Dana............... Hope you come back.
  11. This forum is actually pretty tame. I expected it to be a lot more aggressive, for the same reasons MichaelH mentioned above. We have a lot of denominations here, plus your nonbelievers passing through the forum, but I see a lot of maturity by the active members here. So kudos to you active members! Great job on staying positive.
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  12. Did he really leave?
  13. He has talked about leaving before, and He also has an issue with thinking people are talking bad about him. More than once myself and others had to assure him that it was not about him. He even reported me for something I never even said, but the way his mind process things it's always in a negative light until he see's different.

    Lately though after getting upset, he has seen that it was not what He thought after he gets done being angry. This to me shows great progress.

    I have gotten more than one P.M from him asking if I was talking bad about him or talking bad about something. I have assured him that it was not the case, but he still keeps asking when something comes across to him wrong.

    He has a very High defense mechanism that looks for things to make him think others might be against him. Hence his many threads of being super nice and then being super suspicious.

    I have seen improvements though since he first got on. I hope he just cools down and comes back.

    Be blessed.
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  14. Hey is that a crack at me?:LOL: your funny but not too funny(y)
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    Dana, you seem to think the site and people here must serve you instead of you serve it / them.
    Plus, what happened to turning the left cheek?

    Eph 6:7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.
    Matt 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

    We are not on earth to serve ourselves. Would Jesus post this thread? Would Joel?
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  16. I think he has run out of cheeks......... Just saying.

    I take my share of abuse here, but I got something called Scriptures.
  17. You getting abused a lot in this christian forum? Let me know next time this happens, I'll take care of it for you.
  18. Agreed.

    I am surprised nobody here has jumped on ''I started a thread about someone I yes IDOLIZE'' or ''I'm done with being on Christian forums''.

    This is the problem with Christians today, no offence to Dana, as there are many more like him and even me at times...we are weak! Too positive and emotional, no backbone. No, Josh 24:15...too much 2 Tim 4:3.
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