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  1. good news

    im a good news me good news .do christians not show good news.good news fills people with goodness and spreads the word with confidence.(please christians your getting like our me good so i can thank God for his good works.
  2. Good news brother- God has never and will never fail us- good news He in His infinate mercy has given us each other for help on lifes rocky roads- good news the joy of the Lord burns inside me even when the world is fallin apart- wow- there is alot of good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cya later with more good news- Larry
  3. The bad news we read here is about our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    We need to know what they are suffering and the good news is that we can lift them up in prayer through this knowledge and be grateful for our own safe walk with The Lord.
    The good news is hearing of these Christians who face such horrible tribulation and stay loyal to God no matter what!
  4. i agree violet so why dont we do something constructive and use our countries to say ,you keep doing it we will not trade with you .lobby your government,sooner the better im fed up of it.its an endless tragedy,so they either stop it or our christian countries which are many stop trading.
  5. There are too many non-christians for that.
  6. together we do somthing positive .the outcome is irrelevent the motive is good.
  7. SM, your heart is in the right place, yet Padelford is right, I'm afraid.
    yes, any time , any place, any opportunity we have to stand up for our rights as Christians should be done.

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