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  1. May I ask where everyone is from? And what nationality they are?

    Please just curious
  2. I'm from UK and British.
  3. Aw cool im from New Zealand and im Samoan
  4. I live in US now.. But I am from India.. Moved to US few years back..
  5. I live in the bluegrass state, Kentucky.
  6. Scorching hot Phoenix, Arizona! I'm originally from right outside of Chicago, Illinois and in a month and a half I'll be moving from Phoenix to Hartford, Connecticut.
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  7. Georgia
  8. Since i was little i wished i were in US for some reason. And even now , hearing those of you in America, i wish i lived there. Not the hollywood, LA though. On a ranch somewhere, to be around horses, i love horses but since knowing God i love Him more. I was thinking of starting a new thread about our dreams that once we may have thought were out of reach and given up on.
  9. I'm from New Zealand. Seems as though there are a few kiwis here.
  10. Wow people from the other side of the world, and yayy another kiwi :)
  11. The US...Oklahoma born & raised. I'm a mix, just like a rescue dog. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  12. Aw cool a mix of what if I may ask
  13. Hello Near Niagara Falls USA.
  14. My ancestory is Scottish, English, Irish, French, German & Cherokee Indian. A DNA test stated my makeup is much like those folks in Germany & Lithuania. So I would say I am predomintely Anglo-Saxon. :)

  15. Living in Colorful Colorado, USA. I'm mostly Norwegian, and a little French/Scottish
  16. Use to live in champaign IL, Just a couple hours south of Chicago.

    Why would anyone want to live in Hartford though?
    Phoenix is such a cool place.

    Live in Branson MO myself.
  17. From Northern California and got Hawaiian blood brah
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  18. I know where Champaign is. I grew up in St. Charles.
  19. Aw cool a lot of different cultures in here :) im new zealand born but have samoan and tokelaun blood flowing through my veins lol
  20. polynesian blood
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