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Good Morning/afternoon/evening :]

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by .:Shine:., Oct 25, 2013.


What is your first impression of me? (if any) Asking out of pure curiousity.

  1. If positive, say in a seperate paragraph.

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  2. If negative, keep it to yourself. ;]

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  1. Hey yall! Its good to be here! I hope to be around for awhile, but we will see. I'm lookin forward to new truths and thoughts that i will have. Every one of yall has a different story and experience. Each detail holds its own story. I look especially forward to getting to know some of yall. There is so much i could say, but i will refrain from it on this thread. So hey! Hi! :D <this dude is green
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum.

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