Good file hosting?

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  1. Good file hosting?

    Does anyone know a good (preferably free) place to host files?
  2. Google Documents for text documents, presentations etc. There's also Yahoo briefcase. Larry what type of files do you wish to host?
  3. It can be a wave file or an Mpeg Jeff.
  4. There are quite a few good free ones, that depend on what size files you want to save.
    My favorites are 50GB of Free Online Storage & Backup and Free Online Storage—Xdrive Both are free, the 1st offers up to 50GB of storage free, the 2nd offers 5GB and is run by AOL, dont let that scare you though. Both can be private or shared!

    If you want more of a shared kind of file hosting, you can check out RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting They offer up to 100MB of free hosting for most file types.
  5. You can try

  6. I use dropbox, ubuntu one. But I like because of all the feature it offers.

  7. I use Dropbox to back up photos from my phone and for other purposes.
  8. Drop sent is also good if you want to sent large files.

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