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  1. I need some help, can you list some good bible songs/sunday school songs I can teach children?
    Thanks. Esp ones you can sing with actions.

    Not praise and worship ones but ones that teach the things God does and who He is.
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    Not sure if these would be what you are looking for but in childhood, I remember the United Beach Missions in Llandundo. 2 Songs I can think of are:

    Deep and wide
    Running Over:

    Added, a link to UBM:
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  3. Do you have the lyrics? I don't know those.
  4. Ones I've learnt so far

    I can talk to God
    Zeroes into Heroes
    Jesus Loves Me
    When the saints go marching in
    He's got the whole world in His hands
    God defend New Zealand
    Humbly grateful
    The wise man built his house upon the rock
    This little light of mine
  5. I have decided to follow Jesus
  6. Rejoice in the Lord always
    My God is so great/my God is so big
  7. Wade in the water
    What a friend we have in Jesus
    Swing low, sweet chariot
    Amazing Grace

    thats all I can think of for now. Think of the ones you can remember. I never went to Sunday school as a child so I hardly know any!!!
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    Father Abraham
    Deep and wide......deep and wide, deep and wide...there's a fountain flowing deep and wide (sing 2 times and repeat a few times) hands one above the other for deep; hands side by side 8-10" apart for wide ; hands side by side, palms down and fingers wiggling, together going from right to left signifying a river flowing, then do the motions for deep and wide again.
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  9. The suggestions are pretty old songs!
  10. This seems to the best I can come up with:

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  11. My daughter has been learning this song.. I liked it a lot..

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  12. Our kids have a music camp every August where they write their own song, record it at the studio and perform it with dance. Here is one of their creations in worship to our great God!

    J-E-S-U-S---Jesus is my BFF!

  13. I like the simple ones you can easy memorize, some of the newer ones have way too many verses and choruses. Its hard to teach that, esp if theres no powerpoint or backing.

    I like songs that have parts for girls and boys.

    I wonder if can use Carpenters Sing but instead of sing a song, sing a psalm.

    Oh also just rememebered another one.
    This is the day the Lord hath made.
  14. Our kids sing this:

  15. Here's a good one, too:

  16. Here's another video of our kids performing a piece they created, recorded and choreographed at the summer studio camp:

  17. He's Still Working On Me:

    God Likes People
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  18. Hmm those wont play at my end..

    Friend told me she remembers a Noahs ark song, about animals..if I were a fish..etc and then making the actions of a fish and then all other kinds of animals ..if anyone has that one with lyrics and vid can you post it please?

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