Good angels

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  1. Good angels

    why do we know little about them.?:confused:
  2. Because God tells us very little about them. Anyway, Jesus is the One that I want to know about.
  3. They were 100 % obeying to God. They also love us and Praise God and sing every time that one of us is saved :)
    They're also sad when one of us sins and cry with Jesus as we all cry with Jesus.
  4. Well, apparently you haven't read Scriptures much pertaining to Angels. Theres alot of info about them if just pay attention when reading about thier interactions here with man and Heavenly operations spoken of.

    For example-

    You can find in God's Word a whole variety of different types of Angels- (all were created with specific abilities). 2- There are descriptions of what they are capable of within the Heavenly realm, as well as in relation to interactions with the physical realm.

    We find there are Messenger Angels, Leadership Angels, doctrinal Angels, praise and worship Angels. Writing Angels, those specializing in emotional influence- (depression, oppression, suicide), singing Angels, plus many, many more.

    God Bless!!
  5. Man tends to mistakenly reverence and ever worship beings that are superior in form to himself. Many already bow down to them in ignorance.

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