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    Hey guys I haven't been on in a very long time but I need some advice whether I should go visit my ex girlfriend. She broke up with me after Xmas and we haven't spoken since. I got over it finally but lately I keep thinking about her and feeling like some things wrong. Even had a few nightmares ... Some aren't bad tho. I tried giving her a call but her phone was cut off cuz she didn't pay the bill.

    A little background she is a 31 year old single mom and I am 22. She was raised a christian and still is but has had a terrible life to the point where she prays to God to take her life. Her father was abusive to her mom . her mom was very good to her but she died to cancer which really messed her up. She was raped as a child from her moms boyfriend. Divorced from an abusive marriage. She broke up with me because her kids and so many other problems in her life. She always struggles with bills as well which is why I'm not surprised her phone is cut off now. I would always help her pay bills when she struggled no matter how much she wouldn't want to or how embarrassed she was. So she's had a hard time with faith question why God did this to her but I think I left a good example for her. She still goes to church every Sunday and worships God

    Her birthday is in 2 weeks I'm gonna drive by than and make sure she's ok and get her a gift like a cross probably. She told me no one ever remembers her bday plus I'd get the peace of mind knowing she's ok. She doesn't have many nice things old clothes almost no jewelry. I got her a necklace and earrings for Christmas and she wears them in every picture on Facebook even now

    My question is do you guys follow your gut feelings is that a way God is speaking to you?
  2. Just my thoughts, but visiting an old flame is not a good idea unless you know beyond any doubt that God is telling you to do this. So before you do, commit your plans to the Lord and really commit this to prayer. You are the one with the "feeling" so if you feel confident that this is from God, then do as you are thinking, but if you are feeling on the fence so to speak....keep praying to make sure. God desires for you to be spirit led, not led by others opinions. And in the end you are the one that has to decide if you herd God right or not. And you are the only one that will suffer emotionally if this is not of God. And don't go off of your dreams either...they can be misleading.

    If you have to take a few hrs. And fast and pray. Take communion and commit to do only as God leads. God wants only the best for you and her, and will not lead you into something that will hurt either of you.

    Father, thank You that alang is Your sheep and he knows Your voice. Thank You that as he commits this plan unto You, that You will cause his thoughts to line up with Your Will/Word, so that all of His plans will be established and succeed. Thank You Father for giving him clear direction, to which there is no more argument in his mind or heart. And thank You for wisdom according to James 1:5-6. In Jesus Name, Amen.
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  3. That's the problem not sure if its from God or not been praying a lot I guess I should fast now too like you say. It wouldn't hurt tho would it? Showing love has never been a bad thing? we didn't end it on a bad note. That k you for the reply
  4. Do you feel pressured like you just have to go and see her, or you have to make a decision right now? And after much prayer you are still not sure, then perhaps it is of the enemy or your own mind. A desire to see her again? A curiosity perhaps?

    And no showing Love is not a bad thing, but you have to know what you are prepared for. Can you handle the emotions of seeing her again? What if she does not want to see you? Can you handle that? Just some things to think about.

    I was not walking with God, in my situation. So my curiosity opened the door to more pain later on. And even though it turned out bad....other times i have gone with my gut feeling and it was good. So just keep praying and resolve to do nothing till you get clear direction.
    Blessings! Will be praying with you for sure!
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  5. Well I just feel like she is struggling .she always has especially when she moved in on her own which was when we were together paying bills by herself was manageable but hard any unexpected accidents that would happen would scree her over luckily I was there to help Than when I called to make sure and see if she's ok and find out her phone is turned off because her phone bill is not paid which is very bad since phones are important especially when you have kids. I wouldn't feel emotional I have girls I'm talking to now so its not that. I don't think it would hurt visiting her on her bday and catching up. Really appreciate the prayers I need them
  6. Just something to pray about, if you had the money and could pay her phone bill without her knowing...then she can know that God cares for her and then if you go and see her on her birthday...there is not any uncomfortableness. And she won't feel as if there are any strings.
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  7. Alang Hello,
    I have learned how to read my gut feelings. I would not ever say a gut feeling is always going to be of God nor a dream be of God. However I am not saying that this is Not God dealing with you in this.

    My point is simple...........The forum is not who you should be asking. We can not go and fetch an answer from the Father for you in this situation. You want to know if it is God or if you should follow this feeling..........Then GO ASK THE FATHER...............Then you will Know.
    Praying over this
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  8. You need to go with God. When you go with that of your gut feeling. You may end up getting hurt or in trouble. I know the feeling. As I have had ran into trouble myself. When I go with my gut and emotions than with the facts and God. You know what I mean?
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  9. Yea thinking of just putting it in an envelope and on her car windshield
  10. Your right just gonna keep praying
  11. Yeah I feel you the only reason I think about this a lot is because she struggles with life and I think faith because all the bad things that happen want to make sure she is ok at least
  12. How can you know that it won't get stolen?
  13. That is the best thing to do. I know the jam your in believe me. I went through it many times and this is why I said seek God because it just might be Him and you really do not want to miss it but the enemy loves to set traps for us and he knows how to bait us.
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  14. Yea def hear you on that I still got some time I will have my answer
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  15. I believe with you in the name of Jesus you have your answer.
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  16. Amen
  17. AMEN
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  18. On a practical level, I recommend finding all the resources available to help this woman and compiling a list for her. Such a list should include counseling services, support groups, and practical services (clothes, food, bills, etc...)

    You can contact local churches to see what kinds of charities and support groups they have or know of that might be able to help or reach out to this woman, because her situation (as you describe it) is far more common than most people want to admit.

    Another resource that can be very helpful is the local police department. They have to deal with abused woman and children all the time. Many of them go out of their way to locate organizations that can and will help.

    There are also online groups that can help, but it takes some searching to weed out the ones that focus on getting even or taking from others.

    I will tell you from personal experience that offering short term help on a repeated basis rarely provides long term benefit to the person being helped. More often than not it just helps them to stay in the same funk that got them their to start with.

    Based on what you have described, she needs to let go of those hurts. As long as she keeps picking at the wounds they will continue to fester and will not heal.

    Most importantly, she needs to know that Jesus forgives, that He loves her and will forgive her, and that there is a reason He is often called "The Great Healer".
    Saying "Let go and let God" may sound trite, but it is often what we need to hear.
    By holding on to those things, she is denying God's sovereignty in her life.
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  20. Gut feelings can be incredibly dangerous - and they can be right on as well....
    Emotions are typically a HORRIBLE barometer so to speak...

    BUT - God does put stuff on our hearts for reasons we don't understand....

    Now... That all said - it sounds to me like God is putting this lady on your heart... and it may only be because she is going through a rough time and needs to hear that God hears her and that God loves her....

    Remember, though.... If God has shut the door to the "Relationship" - nobody can open it... Not even you.... Don't look to "Fix up" the relationship if God is closing that door.... Don't look to open that door back up - you may not be the man for her.... That doesn't mean you can't look to reassure her that God is watching out for her.....

    For example... She has kids - and so she has to look out for the Kids and finding someone who can step in as a "Father figure" just like she has to evaluate her own happiness.... It makes things WAY more complicated when she is evaluating a man.... Frequently - younger guys with no kids just are NOT prepared for this "Instant family" duty - they haven't had to live through it and learn how to deal with it.... That's not to say you are a bad guy - it's just the facts...

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