God's Sweetest Appointments

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  1. God's Sweetest Appointments

    God's Sweetest Appointments

    Out of life's misery born of man's sins,
    A fuller, richer life begins,
    For when we are helpless with no place to go
    And our hearts are heavy and our spirits are low,
    If we place our lives in God's hands
    And surrender completely to His will and demands,
    The darkness lifts and the sun shines through,
    And by His touch we are born anew.
    So praise God for trouble that cuts like a knife
    And disappointments that shatter your life,
    For with patience to wait and faith to endure,
    Your life will be blessed and your future secure,
    For God is but testing your faith and your love
    Before He appoints you to rise far above
    All the small things that so sorely distress you,
    For God's only intention is to strengthen and bless you.

    Helen Steiner Rice

    God Bless you all,



  2. What a blessing sis!

    This is so gorgeous! Thank you for it. So many times, it is hard to understand why we have to go throgh such tough times, this poem really blessd me! I love it.


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