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Gods people oppressed

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by smellycat, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Gods people oppressed

    out of egypt,so we look at egypt and see the oppressor.if it has a pyramid it comes from him.

    we see the masons adopt this,we have had pyramid selling ploys etc.

    and the only benefiters are the puppets at the top.for them to get to the top,they need us gulliable .this world is trying to hurt you,we do not belong to these so called masters.get wise and get rid of there endless dribble.
  2. if they didn,t drive Christian education out of schools ,you might not have this problem.home schooling is terrible,but you force this with schools media and over zealous fools who don,t think before they act.simple logic is Christion schools teach Christ,government schools teach law.?as for make-up always look to the root not the outcome.:smiley10:
  3. the worst day in usa history was stop teaching of Christ.and the fall will be swift.....intellectual fools LOGIC.:smiley130:
  4. In my opinion God's people are not oppressed I do not feel oppressed . I feel free and able to still express my opinions to all who will listen . We have freedom of worship . I am so thankful to live in this country of Canada where I have all the necessities of life and no one tells me how to live , dress, or to worship my God . There are so many countries that do not have this freedom . It's time people stopped complaining and started thanking God for their freedoms.
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  6. It's time people stopped complaining and started thanking God for their freedoms.

    if you don,t stand up for freedom,it dissapears.

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