Gods Not Dead Movie

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  1. Has anyone seen this yet?
  2. I just watched the trailer. Is this in theatre?
  3. It is in AZ . I'm taking my kids to see this, can't wait!!
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  4. Well I must say at first the song did not really reach me, but it kinda grows on you and I enjoy it now.:)
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  5. It's my 7 year old boys favorite. He sings it so loud! :)
  6. Gah, I can't wait ^~^
  7. Yes : D
  8. Saw it and thought it was really moving. Great to see a movie like this come out! I had never heard of superchick before either
  9. I have heard only good things about the movie.. All the bad reviews were from unbelievers.. Which meant, I can safely watch the movie!! LOL! :D Mostly, I will watch it in DVD
  10. Did an atheist direct it?
  11. I don't think so.. It is produced by PureFlix. They produce only Christian movies. I have liked some of their movies very much.. They do this ministry through movies.. Before the day my wife had my first miscarriage, we saw a movie produced by them.. This is our time.. The movie is actually about how it is not our time, but Lord's time :) That really prepared our heart to go through the unexpected storm next day..

    I like all their movies.. They have some pretty good ones..
  12. In that case i'm interested in watching it. Might take my family and watch it in cinema.
  13. Most of the reviews I've seen are negative or neutral from both non Christians and Christians alike. Even a couple of people claiming to be pastors said that it wasn't good. I may just stay away from it. It will probably just upset me anyway.
  14. I thought it was very good. I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.
  15. Saw it. Thought it was great!
  16. Is this out on DVD?
  17. I think next week it goes on sale.
  18. wow thats a great video piece! I will for sure see and buy the DVD!

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