God's Gentle Pat

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  1. God's Gentle Pat

    Last weekend, I go home to Davao and last Sunday, I insisted to go to church. My mother was so happy that I want to go to church again. Things was so overwhelming when I stepped in church. The congregation is so warm and friendly. I have seen my old young people friends and classmates way back when we had our sunday school lessons. I was so happy, like it's really immeasurable, I really can't explain the feeling. I became complete suddenly.

    When I listened to the pastor's sermon, I was surprised that his sermon fits on the things that I have been searching for. I thought I was the only one having problems for 4 years, the pastor also have one. He also been off tracked from God, then he came back.

    I was really wanted to cry, even at the time when we were singing worship songs. My heart really was in awe, I was weakened by the Holy Spirit.

    My feelings of stubbornness, emptiness, heaviness, blurry thinking, I think everything negative slightly faded gently. And I was in awe from the day I came back to church and to the Glory of His Holiness, and I wanted to come back always.

    I know I made God so happy, because I was doing His will again. It's so nice to be a Christian.

    Jesus Christ Loves me so much....

    God really loves me so much......

    I hope this serves an inspiration to all individual who believed that God is the most Almighty, that God is a Living God, that God loves us so much that He didn't leave us ever.


  2. Amen .... A wonderful testimony of God's love . He is always there for us but we have to respond . I am so happy that you have joined with other believers cause that also is Biblical that we fellowship and join togeter with others who believe the same .

    Yes praise God ... He is good , all the time .
  3. Thank you Dusty... and this site also serves as an on line fellowship on weekdays. I praise God now that I came back to Him. I made Him happy. Yes it's true. Everyday is so wonderful. Amen and Amen!!!!!!!
  4. I liked what you said about God's gentle pat... He was nudging me gently for 10 years before i listened. When i was 19 i was on holiday in the south of France and this guy came up to me with hid hat rolled up into the shape of a phone and he said to me that God was calling and wanted to speak to me. Being a naive and slightly cocky teenager i laughed it off and thought the guy was mental. A couple of days later i saw him again across a crowded market square ...he smiled and waved his hat at me again. On returning back to university i found that my house was condemned and not fit to live in and i desperately needed somewhere to live. It so happened that i moved in to a christian house where the 3 girls that lived there were committed Christians. I did the Alpha course but i still wasn't convinced.

    A few years after leaving uni i got married and had my first child and it wasn't until i took her to nursery one day and saw another little girl holding a beautiful red tulip that i became convinced. when i asked her where she got it from she simply answered "i got it from Bible Study". All i could think of was "Of course, where else would such a beautiful flower come from" From that moment i knew the truth and i've never looked back.

    Its so true that God has plans for us all

  5. I got teary eyed. And I have goosebumps. That's so amaaaazing! God is so proud.
  6. Thank you so much :D
  7. :smiley10: Jesus Christ doesn't want His children to be led astray on this world. For the world is evil and we are the children of God. Although there are circumstances that pushes us to mock God. It's really a bad idea blaming God on things that happened to us. This is some kind of misunderstanding of humans that God is the almighty one and that He uses several circumstances to let us look upon Him or He is calling us. We, humans are very stubborn, we had our freewill, but we can't be on our own, because like a father to his children, God is saving us from going to Hell.
    Life is a journey, everything is based on decisions, and the world is evil. We are the children of God, and we will take the journey of Life according to His will.
    It's best to be a Christian!!! Thank you Lord!!!
  8. No other things on this world could replicate the Happiness and Completeness in Christ! It's a TOTAL BLESSING TO BE A CHILD OF GOD!
  9. I agree with Xspinningisfun. it brought tears to my eyes to see you reunited with Jesus Christ. Good work my friend for coming back to where you belong. Our God.When i drift away for a time and then i come back, God is soooooooo happy!! My heart is overflowing with joy and love that I cannot contain it! These are tears of pure joy and peace once again.
    Yes your story inspired me greatly :)Welcome home Vheneza sis! God loves you and so do all of us! God Bless you.

    Bro Chili
    Hoop der HE is!...... Hoop der HE is!! Hallelujah!! Amen
  10. And I've got teary eyes too, I can't believed that I INSPIRED you guys. It's not me, but JESUS CHRIST working in my life.

  11. Exactly ... It is not me but you Jesus .OUr puropse means knowing who we are in Christ and what He has done for us, then acting out our relationship and redemption by being obedient to God’s will. It is the pursuit of God so He becomes the driving force, inspiration, motivation, and reason for all we do in life. That is, we devote our life, Christ .

    He must increase and I must decrease .
  12. Yes it isssss. I get teary eyed every time I see a fallen brother or sister come back to the Lord. the humbleness I feel is so great. i bow my head and give thanks to Jesus, for another Lamb has been found and saved from the wolves.I hope I'm not getting too mushy, but it is the truth. May Jesus Bless you abundantly!!

    Chili out. :)
  13. This is a good word . but when it becomes realized it makes the subject a total freak to the rest of the body of Christ . not that this is a bad thing . but why is this?

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