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  1. So, ever since I was 15, I've always wanted a girlfriend. Mainly, I really wanted companionship. Over the years (I turn 22 this year), my feelings haven't changed, but gotten stronger. I trust God's choice of a woman for me better than my own. God knows her, whoever she is, better than she knows herself, just like he knows me better than I know myself. His choice would be the perfect choice for me. Sure, there would be petty problems here and there, but everyone goes through that.

    I know this, more and more recently I know this. But I'm wondering, is there more that I could do? I mean, is this an uncontrollable type thing where I randomly meet her at the store the day that I was helping with groceries? Or, is this something that can only happen when I'm pro-active about it?

    I'm confused yet I'm not. I don't really know how to explain it. God knows I've been lonely for so long, and it feels a lot longer than it's actually been. I really don't want to have to wait until I'm in my 50s before I finally run into the one God recommends for me, of course if that's what God wants, I'll do it. But if I could, I'd much rather be with her before I get much older, like anyone would.

    And of course I'm not the type that defines it really specific either. I don't care how tall she is, or what color her hair is. Of course like anyone, I'd like her to be attractive to me, but the specifics of the outer beauty are nothing. I'd take a 4 foot 10 blonde with brown eyes just like I would a 6 foot red hair with green eyes. Of course I'd love if she has a sense of humor, and that she's great at keeping a conversation going (my conversation skills aren't too good if the person I'm talking too also have less than average skills). But of course, God knows the perfect girl for me and I know his recommendation wouldn't disappoint.

    I just don't want to pick the wrong girl as I know the heart can't be trusted completely. I just don't want to miss the chance of meeting God's choice.
  2. My wife just fell into my lap. Granted, I was talking to many women at the time, but she looked me up, even though we hadn't talked in almost ten years. Things just worked out, and I know beyond a doubt that she's the one that God sent for me.

    Be picky about the women that come into your life. The right one will be like a key fitting into the lock that it was designed for, and you'll know absolutely that she's the one. That's a lesson that I had to learn the hard way; my ex wife kind of fit, but not really, and like trying to force the wrong key into the wrong lock, we damaged each other and wore each other down until we crashed and burned in an unpleasant divorce.

    The wierd part was that we seemed destined to be together. We literally met by crashing into one another in a grocery store, and if either of us had been five seconds faster or slower, we never would have met. If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice, I would warn about letting my heart overpower my head.

    I'll pray that the right one comes along for you soon, Brother!
  3. It comes when you're focusing on the Lord and least expect it. I was in a car accident and after getting being awarded the funds from the N. Syracuse PD for causing the accident, I flew to meet my high school pen-pal in Madrid to say goodbye - because we hadn't written in over a year after writing her for 8 years. I met her and discovered that she had just became a Christian about six months earlier (in a country where 99% are Catholic) I was smitten. Three days later I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We've been married for 23 wonderful years now with three kids. Hang in there and focus on the Holy Lord - He does know best and He could be waiting on her to be obedient!
  4. Thanks, and yeah, that is going to be really difficult for me. I'm not sure how I will know if it's my own feelings through my heart, or God telling me that he says she's good for me. And when you're lonely, your feelings are even stronger and even harder to tell apart. I really hope God will make it obvious to me to tell the difference.
  5. That sounds pretty awesome, congratulations on that!
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