God's Business.

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  1. What is God's business?

    well, He has 2.

    1.) He's in the Creation business.

    2.) He's in the Restoration business.

    Both of these can be defined as "miracles", and he works on our behalf from a position that is not contained within the boundaries of time..... yet he performs the miraculous within the boundaries set by time that he designed.
    This is how God is explained as never having a beginning, yet when dealing with His creation that is set in time, he operates supernaturally by setting aside the laws of nature and time within the physical realm to perform a miraculous change in a circumstance that needs a change.
    If this change is on your behalf, then this is known as favor, or its known as a prayer answered.
    An answered prayer, is God changing or redesigning or removing a circumstance that is harming us or someone we are praying for, and both of these are noted above as #1 & #2.....which is his Business.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I love that Hallelujah art! Such a simple yet powerful design. Did you do it?
  4. Thanks! No, I just borrowed it from Google!
  5. Still love it lol.
  6. Hey Mykuhl did you see this one coming ? ; ) Grin.....

    LOVE not the world, neither things that are in the world.
    1Timothy 6:17
    God gives us all things richly to ENJOY
    God is Love
    We LOVE GOD and We LOVE His Word and We LOVE People
    ( Jesus & the Holy Spirit included) We Love the ways of God
    We enjoy food or cars or Hallelujah art!

    Just playing here because you are fun to play with ! rofl
    Blessings my Friend !!
    God is love.JPG
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  7. Hahaha good one Jim [emoji106]... I LOVE it![emoji6]
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  8. You started it Mykuhl...lol....with your I knew you were gonna say that or something. lol
    There is alot of truth in it even though I did it as humorous for the word Love has become sloppy these days. You can say Love in a church and probably get 50 different answers and we really should automatically think God....

    Bless You my Friend
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  9. I totally agree Jim. There is a lot of truth in what you said. I do agree that we misuse the word love. Usually without even thinking about it.
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  10. Exactly I mean someone says I love mustard and then I love God. Kind of like putting God and mustard on the same level. I know some would think I have gone over the deep end BUT we are talking about God the Creator and Life giver and Heavenly Father who loves us dearly and not aunt martha and uncle buck.

    He has instructed us to NOT Love the things of this world for He is LOVE and does not simply love us but He Is Love. Ya know we all should seek non stop to fall so deep in Love with Him that we get all goooogly eyed over Him. Now thats liven dont ya think !!
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  11. Amen! and another big Amen! My brother. You speak wise and true words.
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  12. Well I got it from my Father!! I can not take credit for it but you still are not getting your like back. :whistle:
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  13. It's ok Jim that like is for you and our Father then! He gets it first though![emoji1]
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