God's blessings ^^

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  1. I know this is over due ..but:

    God blessed me w/ a job;

    Like I walked in just for donuts.... just asked to talk to the manager,
    and he didn't even interview me..just told me to come back tommorow ..to work XD

    then I asked about the uniform... which is just a polo shirt and jeans... I already had the jeans..so I was set.

    another blessing; I was talking to my coworkers and they said, we dont get our first check for 3 weeks..they hold..idk why....
    but I had a dream of me getting a check from my boss..... and I thought nothing of it
    but some days later, my boss hands me my check XD ..which was totally unexpected.. I was so caught off gaurd lol

    then .. i was thinking.. man I'd like a day off.. b/c my boss works us back to back lol...
    and I went in saturday..and b/c it was extremely slow.. my boss let me have sat. and today off ^^
    ..and then asked if I wanted to take donuts home lol ^^ so sweet..

    God has been amazing, can't wait to post more testimonies :)
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  2. That is soooo cool pancakes. God seems to be responding to you right away woot woot!!

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