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  1. God

    God is 1 ,so for God who is 1 being who controls all.does God need feedback to learn like we learn about God?how did God get so wise?has God made other civilisations ?i got a billion questions.i try to think as God as on my own how i would try my own brain to get the right answers.if i was only questionable to myself what would i do?so many questions?:preach:
  2. " My ways are not your ways"- My thoughts are higher than your thoughts"- you cannot even begin to scratch the surface of God with your human mind but with spiritual revelation you can at least begin to comphrehend- " to know the love of God which passes all understanding"- how? spiritual revelation-
    SC God's angels have been in His presence for eterntiy past and still they are blown away by His glory and majesty- the more you know of God the more you know you don't know - the more you know God the more you want to know Him-there is no end to Him - He is awesome so we will let Him be God- I don't think either of us would be able to handle the job-LOL!
  3. Exactly!
    Our human minds cannot grasp the awesome greatness of God.
    We do know He is great, powerful and awesome but we are only touching the surface, as human beings.

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