God vrs religion known as science

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  1. God vrs religion known as science

    I am extreemly ill, but have quoted this all from memory -and do promise it is all 100% correct -with the caveat, that if there are any minute mistakes, if I actualy had the scientific magazine articles infront of Me, it would be much worse for them, than for Me; I assure You:

    1st of all this subject realy makes Me angry:

    1) Scientists have no clue whatsoever about, what they are talking about, when they discuss the physics God created, and try to claim it fits their conclusions.

    A) General and Special Relativity, is one form of physics -Relativity.

    B) Quantum Mechanics is another form of Physics.

    C) Superstring Theory, and Membrane Theory is another form of physics.

    D) Hyperspace -beyond that which is described in String including Membrane thoey is another form of physics.

    I) Now Relativity, has been proven countless ways, with it's warped space-time, due to the bending of light near the gravitational field of the sun, as verified during solar eclipses, and of realtive mass-energy relationships as well, and all of it yeilds strange results such as physicaly slowing down atomic clocks, proving it's effects are real.

    II) Quantum Mechanics, has also been proven to be verified as real, or such electronic devices like, and the effects of, the Tunneling Diode, would be impossible,

    III) and it has been experimentaly verified that the photon, as a nearly massless Boson, containing various electrical charge vibrational rates, creating it's various frequencies, has been slowed down in a magnetic field, and then had excess photons boiled off with another laser, and then had the light /photons, frozen in time, in the magnetic field, and then released -so light can be stopped, even though as a medium of the nearly massless Boson, sets the speed barrier for particle speed within our physical space-time continuim,

    IV) In Quantum Mechanics, a particles momentum or position, but not both can be verified, and light for example can be viewed as a wave or as particles, but not as both at the same time, and as such quantum Mechanics goes so far as to show around atoms what actual physicaly exists, in the various valence shells of an atom, where it's electrons would be, is a wave or cloud of probability of the existance of the electrons, and not a specific physical location for the existance of the electrons unless they become physicaly manifest, so that Quantum Mechanics, is a physical description of infinite universes, of infinite possibilities, in which our physical reality for example, is only one of infinite possible universes ( and yet were all still stuck here with the IRS, and terrorists, including "Politicians," etc.., etc.., etc.., ),

    V) testing the theory of the supposedly impossible "Acasual" effect of action at a distance, Two lasers have been mounted on a test bench seperated by physical space ( because light can be viewed as a wave, or as particles ), and they have updated the two-slit experiment, by using Liquid-Crystal polarzing lenses, in which an electric current, can alter the polorization angle of the lense itself ---and sure enough when viewing the waveform aspect of both independant lasers, and altering the polorization of only one liguid crystal polorizer, both laser observations "Dropped Out," of yeilding waveform data, in favor of partical data ----thus proving the scientific sacralige, of "Acasual" "Spooky Action At A Distance."

    VI) And By firing single "Photons," thru either slit A or B in the two hole slit experiment, they get a normal count of the same number of photons fired, and recorded at the other end, of the film the photons burn. But when both slits are open at once, an interfearance wave pattern is formed, and thru both holes, is generated the interfearance pattern ---and more photons are recorded within the film, then were actualy fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thus one of the proofs, of actual "Electron Clouds Of Possiblities," and not simply physical "Finite," and "Discrete" electrons actualy existing,

    VII) then their is the fact that Quantum Mechanics can only yeild "Infinite" gravity, even when they try every "Flavor" of Quantum Theory such as Quantum Chromodynamics, etc.., and Two Theories proven beyond any doubt, do not reconcile, because Realativity explains the existance of Gravity, and Quantum Mechanics can not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VIII) And then enters Superstring Theory, which splits into 5 equaly valid theory of it's 26 dimensions, reducing down to 10 dimensions -and 5 exclusive theories can not be correct, as a final explaination of anything!!!!!!!

    IX) And so enters M, or Membrane theory, a Superstring theory of an 11th dimension of Supergravity, thus resolving that issue,
  2. part two

    X) But then come in all of the debates about the fact that in it's own Membrane Geometry, that Gravity may be shared between multiple universes, in our "Multi-Verse" of infinite universes as well, and the 11th dimension of Supergravity interacts with a 10 dimension geometry of the rest of the superstring theory, of vibrating strings, interacting to create all of the various subatomic particles, which in turn form the atomic particles -governed by Quantum Mechanics and Macrophysics governed by Relativity ---while in the meanwhile, only the "Same Direction Possitive Spin" positive particles form our physical universe, while the "Opposite Direction Negative Spin" particles form antimatter,

    XI) and the 10 dimensions of Superstring Theory, and the 11th of membrane theory ----just so happen to by coincidence match the evolution of the 10 Sphere Kabbalistic Theory, and then the 11th Sphere Kabbalistic Theory ---and all the blasphemy that the Kabbalah entails, by redefining God and Creation, etc.., etc..,

    XII) And then there is the theory of Hyperspace itself, which resolves higher dimensions, to resolve all of James Clerk Maxwell's field equations, with Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics, etc.., into a theory of Higher Dimensions dictating all of the order we see in our physical reality, beyond the Membrane/Superstring theories 10-33 cm dimensions of string tehory in the first place,

    XIII) And by the time one is done with digesting all of this and more, and the impossiblitiy of evolution as having been calculated as 1 to 10 * 43,000th power at least, by Sir John Hirschell -when their are supposed to be only 1 to 10 * 80 atoms in the universe, and if dark energy, and dark matter means that we only see 10% -OK then, just add another Zero to 1 to 10 *81st power,

    XIV) But evolution : which deals with the 4 forces of physics manifest -with one force being the electromagnetic spectrum of heat-to-light-manifestation, which is responsible for the somple property of atoms being attracted by their electrons, and lack of elcetrons, and as such opposites attract --but some atoms only have one electron, while others have more, and thus more shells, and potential fro variation ---and all electrical bonding is reduced to terms You may know such as "Hydrogen Bonding," "Covalent Bonding," "Ionic Bonding," ( possitive and negative IONS - either lack or have an extra electron determining possitive or negative charge ),

    XV) But all of the possible atoms in phstical existence upon a planet such as ours, are supposed to bond in unique combinations, of various elements, some more rare than others, to form the roughly 23 amino acids, which have to safely be assembled with no other bonding interfearance, and then form into the various proteins, and then form into their various "Ordered" "Polypeptide Chains." And lets say a polypeptide chain of 1000 proteins has the odds of 1 * 2 * 3 * 4....* 1000 odds against forming in the correct order sequence.
    For example 3 coins have a 1 * 2 * 3 = 6 chances of combinations of forming into : abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba, to form these polypeptide chains.

    XVI) And on top of that DNA and RNA are both needed, and they need their supply of amino acids supplied by the food chain itself, as an outside source. But DNA and RNA are both sugars, who are able to luckily have a happy home, safe from being consumed themselves, and then split, and the DNA relies on RNA, and TRNA ( transefer RNA ), and MRNA ( Messinger RNA), etc.., and the seperation of the DNA RNA strands, which then send bits of programmed segments to take some some both parent sources, have to duplicate, and recode -in a complex system --which also has to deal with Extrons and Introns ( or sections of bypassed /or cut out DNA ), and ( spliced in material ),

    ----All while protected by any interferance, as if perfomed in a Lab, to prevent failure, as all of this supposedly evolved into more and more complex systems and beings, such as sight, and organs which all contribute to metabolism -such as homrones given off by the heart etc.., and water soluble and water insoluble reactions regualted by fatty acids, thus giving semisolubility, and electron messages given thru a nervous system, and hormones transfered thru the blood stream, and ionic channeling, and the creation of chemicals specificaly sent to specific receptors, such as seratonin, or whatever, thru ion channeling, and other methods etc.., etc.., etc..,

    ----And all while not being attacked inspite of the vulnerable nature of the fact that DNA and RNA are complex sugars as well, and are "Food" on that basis alone -but all has survived, and adapted,

    ----with a complexity, which would be equivalent, to materials spontaneously evolving, and evolving into parts, and evolving into power plants, and coal refineries, and transefer systems to fuel the plants, and transmission lines, and factories, spontaneously using this electricity to form the parts in the first place, and then form computers, and plug them in, including all components from the CPU to the Monitors, and spontaneously generate, load and operate their operating systems,

    ----because a single Human being internaly contains more "machines," and "machine Systems," than all of the physical machines and devices of every sort than physicaly exist on our planet, and a single Human is also more complex than all of the machines on our planet combined.

    -----So when science speculates upon the works of God, it is delving into the realm of religion ----and thus in proving God's wonderous creation, and the apearance of time, they cross the line and become a religion themselves,

    ------but they become a hostile and lying religion at that:
  3. part three

    2) So apart from the fact that science is at a loss to explain away, the many levels of the various types of physics as a whole which God created, when He spoke existence into being,

    and that from Higher dimensions, it should be obvious even to a child, that all "Time," "time Expansion/," and "Apearance of Age," is relative as a physical "Sub Set" of the higher dimensions of Hyperspace governing our own,

    And as such a 14 some odd Billion year old universe, can be spoken into existance in the twinkling of an eye, from a Higher Hyperspace dimension, to which our speed of light is meaningless, and all 14 Billion Years, can indeed be spanned in a blink of an eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But inspite of all of this ---and the fact that science can do nothing but prove God, while it tries to feed us infinitie parallel Quantum Worlds, within countless Universes of a Multi-Verse,

    To the point where their theories actualy in the end become quite sad, when they are unwilling to embrace the obvious,

    And even though I suffer Cronic Fatigue and Heart Trouble very Badly, by simply reading Scientific, and Obscure Scientific magazines, and only a handfull of creation Science books like

    ---"The Colapse Of Evolution" ( which I feel is poorly written in many respects -because the author does not seem to understand Hyperspace, and thus everything has to be extreemly young, not realising it all could have been spoken into existance with great "Aparant Age -and I have no reason to fear the Aperance, of great epocs and ages -though the section on the impossibility of Evolution is killer!!!!!),

    ---"The Fingerprint of God" written by a true scientist!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( though I have nothing bad to say about the excellent attempt of the colapse of evolution's author -and zeal <and a few killer chapters>, the Author of this book is a True Scientist, and thus a more accurate book ),

    ----and "Hyperspace," written by a True Scientist as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( It is definitly pro creation and pro God --so if someone coppied the title to create another 'hyperspace,' book, make sure you pick up the correct one. This is an absolutely killer book in understanding God's Higher dimension's power over this lower dimension physical universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However there is a book titled "Hyperspace" by M Kaku, which I do not believe is the one I read -an online search shows M Kaku's book presents both sides of the "God" argument. ),

    May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen :bible:

    Mike. :shepherd:

    :jesus-sign: :amen: :welcome: :israel: :bow: :jesus-sign: :preach: :read-bible: :read: :groupray: :shepherd: :jesus-cross: :jesus-sign:

  4. Our science is in its infancy and could never do more than discover what God has already placed there for them to find. To deny Him is ludacrous.
  5. The problem with science is not the data it provides, but with the interpretation of the data.

    Scientific theories are usually regarded as acceptable science if a group of qualified peers agrees that the theory is correct. Unfortunately nobody can make unbiased judgements so science is affected by subjective reasoning.

    If a scientific theory proves there is a God, then most scientists will disregard the evidence or will come up with a more "acceptable" outcome because it goes against all they believe in. The end result is one which supports their beliefs and not reality.
  6. Science deals with facts, religion deals with truths. Oddly enough, those aren't always the same thing. Many people have been convicted because the "facts" proved that they committed a crime, but the "truth" is that they were framed. To me at least...this is the same thing.
  7. Indeed Ban, God's truth superceeds the facts as He is not limited by the same laws of nature that bind us!:D
  8. mikeofChrist,
    Good post
    The theory of evolution as related to one species evolving into another is a speculation that exists only in the minds of the evolutionist. There is NO fossil information to support this.

    Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002) (Harvard evolutionist biologist)
    “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil records persists as a trade secret of paleontology.”:confused: :eek:

    Evolutionists continue to search for the fossil record of the “missing link” that would prove that man came from apes. This search has yet to produce one single fossil record of this so called “missing link”. This alone makes the theory a joke. As evolution is a slow process that takes place over millions of years, there would not be just one missing link, but thousands. However they can not produce even one. They can’t find these “missing links” because they are not missing at all. They simply don’t exist. :)

    Ernest B. Chain (Nobel Prize winner)
    “I would rather believe in fairies than in such wild speculation.”;)

    Sir Author Keith – (wrote the forward to Darwin’s Origin of the Species)
    “Evolution is unproved and improvable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable.”:eek:

    Malcolm Muggeridge – (British journalist and philosopher)
    “I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it’s been applied, will be one of the great jokes in history books of the future.”:D
  9. Another funny thing, if I remember correctly is we have

    much of Our DNA in common with the Mouse, Banana, and


    --------So I am still suprised that the Evolutionists don't

    argue over whether we supposedly evolved from the

    Banana, Monkey, and Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ------Personaly I root for the Banana, because I feel I

    should root for the "underdog"

    ------Oh and by the way, Did we give our "Hemoglobin" to

    the Whale, or did they give it to Us???????

    -------And how exactly did the Banan and the Wale

    manage this?????????????

    Sorry, just being silly, must have thought for a moment I

    was an evolutionist!!!!!!!! ( wow I just made a cheap

    shot, but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D ).

    God Bless,

  10. While it is true they have mapped our DNA in the most basic sense they are finding it to be way more complex than they imagined.

    Most of us are familiar with the winding staircase image of DNA, the repository of a biological cell’s genetic information. But few of us realize just how tightly that famous double helix is wound. Stretched to its full length, a single molecule of human DNA extends more than three feet, but, when wound up inside the nucleus of a cell, that same molecule measures about one millionth of an inch across. Biologists have long believed that as a molecule of DNA is stretched, its double helix starts to unwind. As much sense as this makes from an intuitive standpoint, a recent experiment proved it not to be the case.Carlos Bustamante

    Over the years, many (though not all) Darwinists have stated that non-coding DNA is not worth exploring because it is thought to be mere evolutionary junk. In 2003, Scientific American explained that “the introns within genes and the long stretches of intergenic DNA between genes, Mattick says, ‘were immediately assumed to be evolutionary junk.’” John S. Mattick, director of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia was then quoted saying this might have been “one of the biggest mistakes in the history of molecular biology.” (Wayt T. Gibbs, “The Unseen Genome: Gems Among the Junk,” Scientific American (Nov. 2003), emphasis added)

    That DNA contained at least one code was realized as soon as the molecule’s structure was discovered. That code, cracked in the 1950s and 1960s, parses passages of DNA into threeletter combinations that correspond to particular amino acids. This is a code in the strictest sense; input determines output. But researchers now know that there are numerous other layers of biological information in DNA, interspersed between, or superimposed on, the passages written in the triplet code. Human DNA contains tissue-specific information that instructs brain or muscle cells to produce the suite of proteins that make them brain or muscle cells. Other signals in the sequence help decide at what points DNA should coil around its scaffolds of structural proteins. These are the codes that computer buffs such as Shepherd want to crack with raw processing power … [M]any stretches of DNA in humans and other organisms manage to multi task: a sequence can code for a protein and still manage to guide the position of a nucleosome. (Helen Pearson, "Genetic information Codes and enigmas," Nature, 444:259 (Nov. 16, 2006).)
  11. good job God only gave us a little brain.lol.now can we get back to goodness.:)
  12. One of the single biggest debates going on today is the theory of evolution vs creation. The secular world is pumping out books and documentaries degrading the beliefs in creation. There have been debates set up between evolutionists and "christians" but the christians have been chosen very carefully as they all seem to support evolution and regard Genesis as a myth or a good moral book.

    One of the biggest supporters of evolution is the atheist Richard Dawkins. He has written books like "The god delusion" and pushes to remove all religion from schools stating it is child abuse. On his web site a few months ago, He supported a challenge by a group that paid teenagers to blaspheme the Holy Spirit in public. Do not underestimate him, he is a very powerful figure in scientific circles and many people follow him.

    Everytime a Christian stands up against them, they get branded as fundamentalists or a lunatics.

    The entire religion of evolution is supported by the fear that if evolution is proved incorrect then they will have to acknowledge a creator and will be held responsible for their actions.

    Persecution is coming to all christians and it is going to be tremendous. Will we buckle under the pressure and compromise Gods truth or will we stand firm and take the onslaught like warriors?
  13. Evolutionists practice their particular religion in such a way as to persecute or belittle all others. I call it religion because ti take blind faith to buy into so much unsupported theory.
  14. Yet, many of those same "religious zealots" are the ones screaming for "tolerance" and persecuting Christians for taking a stand on moral issues, calling us Bible thumpers, idiots, "sheeple" and "brainwashed." The irony is staggering.
  15. i bought the God dilusion,like you say skirts around the matters .nothing you can pin on him.mumbo jumbo.
  16. With all due respect, I think it is rather presumptuous to suggest how most scientists would react to such data unless you actually ARE most scientists. The point is clearly moot, however, given that God transcends physical reality and by definition is beyond scientific observation…a point most scientists have been trying to make all along. Science is not interested in proving OR disproving God, it is about observing what CAN be observed and working with the data to the best of our ability.
    Can a Christian scientist honestly claim to be any less biased than a non Christian scientist just because their bias points a different direction? Until both sides of the argument choose to develop a bias for truth, regardless of whether it fits a given theory or interpretation, there will be little meeting of minds…and this is just as unproductive for either camp.
  17. Well I would consider the fact that predjudice proves
    there is no such thing as objective reality, if it were not for
    the possiblitity that the Spirit of God, gives us the only
    real objectivity that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And therefore as one of those "Faith" guys, I would have
    to answer, "Yes," that God does indeed give us the only
    possible Objective Reality around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And there are truly Briliant Scientists, who are
    Creationists, who have already confirmed that Objective
    reality only shows creation in the evidence, and therefore
    we have two groups of "Mentors" on this, 1) God, and 2)
    Briliant Creationist scientists!!!!!!!!!

    And actualy I see it in the light that God has allowed these
    powerfull dillusions of the world, to not overwhelm us, and
    discourage us, via the fact that no temptation can befall
    us that we are not able to handle,

    And therefore one of the few instances, where God has
    "Tipped" His hand, to show us "His Cards" ( so to speak ),
    is that Evolution is absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because in fact all "In Situ" chemical reactions in bilology,
    would have to magicaly act as if protected via an "In
    Vitro" enviornment ---because how can pure Chemical
    Attraction know which pieces of the puzzle, get to bypass
    every other such Gravitational, and Electrical Charge
    attractions, and spaitial dispersment, etc.., just to find
    eachother, ---and bypass every single other chemical
    bond, which would not contribute to the perfect

    And therefore the Chicken did come before the
    egg!!!!!!!!!!! Unless God Created them both at the same

    Evolution is just plain impossible, and nuts!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless,

    Mike. :D

    I need to qualify that My "Sarcasim" is only
    meant for debate of the issues at hand ----and in no way
    implies views other than mine are not equaly deserving of
    being heard ----nor that does it imply they have no faith,
    because of My Sarcasims against a particular conclusion
    or view in a debate.:D
  18. Now why gravity would explain the Macro-Accumulation
    of the available matter, consiting of all of the "atoms" to
    be worked with,
    electromagnetism explains chemistry,
    and I quote from the Wikipedia articles on the "Chemical
    Bond." :

    Feel free to ignore or glance at the following brief
    Wikipedia quotes if You like:

    So no matter how many "Technical Subdivisions" we look into, chemistry boils down to the interaction of "Electrical charge," and evolution involves seperating "Molecular Constructions," down even further to the actual atomic "elements," which have to be formed into their various "Amino Acids," which in turn combine into various "Proteins," etc.., etc.., etc..,

    And there are about ( 7 * 10-27 ) [ that's 7 times 10 to the
    27th power ] atoms in the human body.

    Now once the earth, is supposedly "naturaly" formed over
    a great deal of time, whatever number of atoms are found
    on earth, are greatly dispersed, and chemically bonded, in
    their natural " In Situ " enviornment.

    But, in supposedly increasing degrees, which just makes
    it worse for evolution statisticaly, these 7 * 10-27 atoms,
    in their previously " In Situ ," and chemicaly bonded
    states, have to somehow be "Magicaly" disected from
    their already established "Molecule" chemical bonding,
    and Magicaly " In Vitroly " protected from nature itslef,
    i.e., that pesky little thing known as " Chemical Bonding, "
    So that all the various elements involved, in all of their
    complex arraignments, and complex chemistry, can come
    together and somehow supposedly " evolve," while,

    All the while being Magicaly protected in imaginary, and
    invisible spheres of their own, individual " In Vitro "
    Magical Armour, ----each and every atom!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless,

  19. Kevin,
    The debate of evolution vs creation is only going on because evolution is the only thing the atheist can come up with.

    Faith: (Amerincan Heritage dictionary)
    Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

    Sir Author Keith – (wrote the forward to Darwin’s Origin of the Species)
    “Evolution is unproved and improvable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable.”

    Even the people that helped write the book know it can't be proved. Hum...easy debate for creation.:)
  20. No disrespect taken or intended. There are certainly God fearing scientists out there. I believe much of our perception of the scientific community is based of the liberal media's attempts to flood our minds with the anti God crowds viewpoints. It would seem that by believing only what we are shown we may be doing many an injustice.

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