God tv

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  1. God tv

    what a joke.i have been watching this ,example,there is somebody called elijah,and god is calling you to come to him.yes the satan god might through a clairvoyant who only says what satan wants her to say.do not be fool ed these people,and do not give them money.they are a waste of a Good chance to send the truth.very suprised people have not condemned the channel.:eek:
  2. and i don,t judge the person.but you are not watching the holy spirit.
  3. Do you have a link to the video you are commenting about?
  4. nope i,m watching it now.flick it on you will pick up there slightness of words.1 man was on talking about Jesus,wanting everyone to repent,then when they sarted the prayer he changed Jesus to God the father.so the prayer was worthless.many might think they are saved.shocking play on words.:eek:
  5. up to now iv,e seen a mystic,a magician,and a comedian.lol.:D

  6. I can't flick it on if I don't know where it is.
  7. just waiting for the ventrilaquist.:D

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