God Took It Away!

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  1. During my time as a police officer I had to listen to a lot of profanity. Both from my fellow officers and from the citizens of the city. Daily having that much profanity pumped into my head caused me to start cussing myself. Especially in stressful situations.

    I remember pulling over a drunk guy after he ran over a mailbox. He was probably driving 90mph and if he had come into my lane before he passed me I probably would have died. I turned around and hit the blue lights. I thought I wasn't going to be able to catch him. For whatever reason I he actually stopped at a red light. When I caught up to him he I stopped my car and when I got out he took off. Six or seven blocks later, after almost hitting a few houses and cars, he ran over the median and flipped his truck. He tried to run on foot but me and my partner got him before he really made it three steps. I cussed this man out. I mean it was like an out of body experience. I could not believe the profanity that was coming out of my mouth and it was like I couldn't stop. I kept trying to shut up but I couldn't. He could have killed me. He could have killed so many people by choosing to drive that night. And after it all I was more mad at myself than at him.

    That was the only person I ever cussed at the entire time I was at the police department. I thought the next day that I really needed to stop cussing. That was probably two years ago. Until a couple of weeks ago I was still cussing, but not as often. But, a couple of weeks ago I started actively praying. Not for myself, but for others here on the forum and family and friends. Three or four days ago it was like God just reached down and pulled it out of me. I have only cussed once, and that was last night (I'm potty training my wife's dog and it's really getting old), but other than that no profanity has left my lips! Praise God!

    Hopefully this wasn't a boring read. I threw in the cop story because it was relevant and I thought someone may enjoy it!

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  2. LOL. Well I'm happy the profanity is out of you brother! God bless.
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  3. Very Glad to hear this!!!! Amen.
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  4. Hey David,

    That was a worth a read, thanks for sharing what God has been doing in your life. Praise him, he is gracious and patient with us all.

    God Bless brother!
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  5. Anything that gives glory to God can never be boring! Amen!!
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  6. Praise God. He did this for me as well. There wasn't a day that went by to where I wasn't throwing f-bombs among other foul words around like they were going out of business. God took this away pretty quick and I thank Him for that. I am glad to hear you speak better words! Glory be to God!
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  7. This is for sure one of my problems, a small problem as it may be compared to my other problems, it's still a problem I'd like to get rid of at that. As far as the drinking and driving part, my stepdad has drank and drove probably 300 days out of the year for the last several years and FINALLY earlier this week got caught. While I'm happy that he was, I'm also worried that his actions might negatively affect my mom and I as well if he does wind up having to miss work (temporary license ban or jail time). Yet if he doesn't, will he learn from it, or will he continue doing it?
    This is what confuses me, as it's free will, so God won't directly intervene with what he wants to do. But, he can do things that can convince him not to, right? (Btw, if you are wondering why we don't tell him to stop, we have, a lot, but all he does is just get really angry and scream all day and does it anyway).
  8. Habits are hard to break. It really takes the Lord to do it. This is why David prayed:

    Psalms 141:3 (ESV)
    Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!

    Pray for your dad that he can see what drinking is doing to him. The Lord will have to put a guard on his lips, not just for what comes out (cussing) but what he's putting in.

    @Huntingteckel Cussing is a way of the mind to release stress and frustration. Seek God's peace (it's what I've had to do to stop) and He'll give it to you. You cussed out that guy because of the thoughts running through your mind that he could have killed you or someone else. In my case, the smallest of thing would set me off and it was because I didn't have peace that God was indeed in control - or I wouldn't let Him have control. So the war in my mind was raging (Romans 7) and I was a double-minded man (James 1:8).

    I'm learning more and more the fight is within ourselves, in our mind. Every moment the devil is ready to pounce on us to get us to plant a thought or doubt in our hearts and we cultivate it rather than uproot it. Trust God. Have faith in God's abilities and that He loves us. Remember He died for us before we were saved! With this firm foundation we can then put the devil in his place.
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  9. I'm glad that he got caught. Hopefully he'll see that he has a problem now so he won't kill himself or someone else. My great uncle died because he was driving drunk.

    What gave you that idea? God intervenes all the time. He just doesn't force us to do anything. I think God gives people wake up calls all the time.

    I have pretty severe anxiety, so it would make sense if that were the case. I've been doing really good though. I slip on occasion (very infrequent) but I seem to be cured of most of it.
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