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  1. I really can't even begin to go through how good and amazing God is... I have 2 jobs without the need of interview, a car and my sweet aunt put down half of the down payment for me

    I was worried because my mom needed help with the rent a,d it was so much pressure choosing between paying for a car I need and helping my mom with rent. But my aunt just helped me out so much to where I can help my mom and still have what I need for the car... I prayed last night and God answered quickly concerning my situation...

    God is so sweet and such a provider..I just don't know how to ever pay him back...He is amazing.

    But please pray God will bless my aunt because she deserves it and she's a servant of His as well.

    Aldo, side not could u please keep me lifted in prayer...I'm looking for a 3rd job...a night one to work around my other schedule because I'm trying to save for tuition and pay my car off.

    Thank you all and be blessed
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  2. Loving Him
    Trusting Him
    Surrendering unto Him totally with your love and trust.

    Now you do know and it's not paying back because He did it out of Pure Love For You.
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  3. Glory to God that is so awesome!!!! Will definitely keep you in prayer.

    God loves you so much and praying abundant blessings on your aunt!
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  4. Praying for your Aunt..as she serves the Lord. God, bless her, lead her, strengthen her, and give her much peace and favor where ever she goes and in what she does. In Jesus Name. Amen!
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  5. Wanted you to see that as you made the choice to help your mom.... The Father stepped in to help you. And will continue to do more as you walk in love in every situation :)
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  6. Ditto!!!

    Praying for you (though I honestly think that you're doing everything for it already yourself)!!!

    God Bless

    Annie XXX
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