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  1. Need some Christian God names ideas.
  2. Welcome to CFS! Are you looking for baby names? I would suggest to look for a name which would convey what this baby means for you. For example, we named our first daughter Janice. The meaning is God is gracious. It was our first baby and the whole pregnancy was a blessing. We felt God's grace and gave that as name to her :) every time we call her or someone else calls her, we are reminded of God's grace in our lives. I would strongly suggest to go by something like that.
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  3. Hello and welcome, feel free to post, do not be shy at all! God bless!
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  4. Hello,
    Thanks for warm welcome.
    Ravindran Janice is nice name, but i need some boys name as well.

    Hope my also would be so blessed as your Jenice.
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  5. hmm, would Elijah do or maybe Levi?
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  6. One of my favorites is Nathaniel, also joshua, and Jeremiah. For girls names I chose Christina..which if a boy could be Christian.... Elizabeth or Mary

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  7. I love that of Micah and Noah. For a woman, Mary and Ruth. My late grandmother was Mary-Ruth!
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  8. Hello all thanks a ton for suggestions,Sorry for replying late. I am glad to inform you that we have new member in our family my daughter whom we named her Aine which means land goddess which I found in babynology in the section of God names.
  9. Congratulations! Praying an abundant of blessings over you and your family
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