God is working in every detail of our lives

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  1. Hi everyone I would like to share how I am amazed by God through His words, promise and work in my walk with Him.
    So I was currently living in middle eastern country and working as a cabin crew. Everyday I meditate on God's word, pray and give thanks to Him. I feel that He is my best friend and I am overwhelmed by that. I tell Him every pains, every joy and every requests I do have in my heart.

    Last month, in our roster (monthly flying schedule) I have 4 days standby (meaning they can call us and make us operate in every country by which operation needed a cabin crew) so 3 days before my scheduled standby I prayed to God... saying.. " Yahweh, please give me European flight. If it is Europe then i request Lord please to have near Primark in Jesus name. Amen" I am requesting for Primark because I need to buy gifts for my family as I will have Manila (my home) flight on that same month. So I fell asleep and the morning after that I checked my cellphone, I got a message from operation department saying I will fly to Edinburgh, Scottland. I grin because Edinburgh is Europe! I got so excited to check the internet if there is a near Primark. While praying, to my surprise, the hotel that we are about to stay is very close to Primark! And when I got there there were lot of sale items! :) I am so overwhelmed and amazed on how God works! He not only answered our prayers but He exceeds our expectations. How amazing God is!

    Then in my first assessment, God again answered my prayers. My prayer was "Yahweh please help me in my first assessment, I am praying that my assessor will be kind enough to guide and understand me. In Jesus name. Amen" to my surprise, my assessor was not only kind and understandable but she is my flatmate! How joyful I was!!!!

    Whenever I feel lonely, worried and tired I just pray thanking Jesus for everything. I have lots of prayer request to God and sometimes I feel so impatient and wanted to do my own way. But whenever I feel of doing it, God reminded me to wait expectantly and walk by faith because He is in control. To God be all the glory and praise!
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  2. God truly is amazing. Thanks for sharing that great testimony. I am getting ready to fly out to Texas on Friday, but there was a container that I wanted to be here to receive at work. So I and some brothers and sisters prayed about it a couple weeks ago, and prayed it would come before November 5 (the day before I leave) At the time it was about a 50/50. Guess when it came? OCTOBER 30, a WEEK EARLY.

    God is GOOD
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  3. Amen bro. Wow! God is soo great :)
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  4. Praise the Lord!!! :D
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  5. Hallelujah! Glory to God!
  6. Thank You Elizabeth for sharing this wonderful testimony of God's goodness! It greatly encouraged me. God's blessings and love is surely with you!

    God bless you more abundantly with grace and peace!
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  7. Thanks for the testimony! Often we forget that we have heavenly Father to ask! At least that is true with me. I settle for something like "I wish I could have...". But our Father is waiting for us to ask according to His will so that we may have it!
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  8. Thank you Cturtle. May God bless you more bro!
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  9. All the Glory and praise to Him!
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  10. Amen bro. After that prayer of mine, I began praying so specific and also God answered specifically yes or no. God bless bro!
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  11. Awe thank you so very much! I receive those blessings :)

    I don't want to be a critic...but you spelled bro wrong...it should be sis for me :ROFLMAO: lol
    God Bless!
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  12. Hahaha! Sorry Sis :) :) :)
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  13. To add to God's glory I'd like to tell you what happened with us yesterday. We got our belongings delivered to the new house and it was a beautiful clear humid-less day. Perfect by anyone's standard. The movers were friendly, funny, and careful. The previous packers didn't do such a good job and so when the last things were being done, they had to put the beds together, but we couldn't find the feet. My wife and I prayed and the Lord told her where to look. She opened a box and saw a cooler and dismissed it to move onto another box. The Lord told her to look inside and there were the feet for my son's bed! A cooler! Who puts bed parts into cooler that was in the garage?! So now we had the feet, but were missing the supports for the slats. Again the hunt began. I had already opened 4 of 5 tote boxes marked "Christmas" and my wife came and opened the last one and there they were!! Again, why would someone put the supports in a Christmas box. Those packers in Canada were not good. Glory to God for thwarting the devil's plans to mess with us.

    After doing all the paperwork and taking out the empty boxes, my wife and I sat on the porch watching them leave and giving praise to the Lord. We went inside and starting shutting off the lights and get our jackets on to return to the hotel to relax and when we got to the car it started pouring rain! Glory to God, I didn't know it was supposed to rain and they Lord held it off until literally the last moment! He's so loving and caring to His! Praise the Lord God Almighty!!!
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  14. Hi bros & sisters,

    How wonderful of you all to share of God`s workings in your lives. It is such an encouragement & expands one`s vision of our precious Lord & His constant care & love in all our lives.

    Blessings, Marilyn.
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  15. No worries :) i get used to it because for some reason a lot of people assume i am a brother :) kind of funny.... makes me think (i pray) that maybe all everyone sees is Jesus and that is why i am a brother :) lol
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  16. That is so awesome! God is so very good to you and your family! The devil tried to put a situation to cause strife, but Glory to God you met it with peace and joy. Great things are in store for you all!

    God continue to Bless you abundantly!
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  17. Amen!
  18. Thanks sis :)
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  19. Amen! Our God really is awesome!!!
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