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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by little flower, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Dear readers,

    I came to this site because I love our Lord Jesus, like all of you.
    He is my very reason for living.
    I once rejected Him because I became member of a cult who teaches that Jesus is not God.
    That was terribly wrong! When I found out about my essential mistake, I was crushed.
    It 's only by God's grace that I am able to move on. Shunned, but clinging to Jesus' hand.
    My message to everyone who would listen is: Seek Jesus. Don't let human reasoning come between you and our Lord! It feels terrible to be far from Him!
    I am appreciating all your thoughtful discussions on the various forums.
    May God bless all of you.

    "The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love." (1.John4:8)

    little flower
  2. Welcome to the site and the family of God precious flower, looking forward to getting to know you, ...darkness always "shuns" the light, but we are in Christ, may I suggest that whenever you feel shunned turn it around into praise for the Lord who brought you out and prayer for those that are still in darkness.

  3. Hello and welcome....
  4. Dear Gene,
    thank you for your kind words. And also welcome, as I see that you are new here, too.

    Yes, I am trying to follow your suggestion every day. All my friends are highly mind-controlled. They need so much prayer. When they should try to contact me or even look into my direction, they will be disciplined. Only Jesus can help them understand that they are following false prophets. I want so much to help them, but there is no way to reach them. They won't listen.

    Jesus is all we need.

    May He bless you, Gene.
    Love, little flower
  5. Hello Dirtyrottensinner,

    thank you for your greeting.
    May I say that I like your nickname, it sounds very humble.
    And your signature-verse is so very applicable.
    May God bless you.
    Love, little flower
  6. Ummm, do you mind if I call you precious flower, I know that all of God's kids are precious in His sight, but Daniel tells us in the end times some will shine like stars and you are one that reflects the Sonshine of our Lord.

    Also, if you don't mind, I have friends that are trapped in satan's cults that I've been praying for, I would love to hear how you were liberated.

  7. It's my daily reminder why I need Christ. :)

    The book of John is probably my favorite.
  8. Dear Gene,

    I appreciate your kindness.
    Sadly I am not precious at all. Rather absolute worthless.

    Regarding my leaving of that cult, I was secretly helped by a member who had the courage to leave, too. Through him I got the information that I needed to prove them wrong. I tried to inform all my friends of my research, but they immediately turned away from me. They handed me over to Satan, as they call it. But I always wanted to please God, so that very verdict they spoke about me is haunting me. But I cling to Jesus. In His arms I am safe.

    Maybe it was not a good idea for me to come to this site. I made a mistake already. I hope so much that I did not hurt pastor franszwa in his thread 'my prayers'. I did not want to hurt anyone.

    Please pray for all the cult members who just don't realize how much they need our Lord Jesus!
    Most of them are humble and God-fearing people, but they are misled. And not few of them suffer because of the rigorous control of the leaders. I wished I could explain to them how much Jesus loves them. It is so sad that they are not allowed to listen.

    May Jesus never let you alone,
    little flower
  9. Patience....we all make mistakes. Living a life for Christ can be lonely sometimes....
  10. Dear Dirtyrottensinner,

    I will remember your nickname for myself. Yes, we need Christ more than anyone or anything else.
    And I like John's books also, especially because he emphasizes the importance of love.

    May Our Lord bless you and never let you alone.
    Love, little flower
  11. Great intro! I am so glad that you found Jesus for yourself!

    Glad that are here with us! :)
  12. Dear xspinningisfun,

    thank you. You are very kind.

    Love, little flower
  13. Our value depends on the appraiser. Jesus counted you worthy to die for, so that you could live and fellowship with Him for all eternity. Your prayers, your daily conversation, your service to Him, your attention and companionship are all precious to Him. Walk in humility, certainly, but do not wear the chains of shame and rejection. Cast off your orphan's clothes because God has clothed you in righteousness. He has written His name on your heart and your name in His Book of Life. He has prepared a place for you in His household as one of His own.

    Do not allow the verdict of the cult to haunt you - they have no authority over you, and their verdict is an indictment of their own hearts. God freed you from their influence, and He is able to free others - continue to pray for them in hope.

    Don't worry about your posts in Pastor Franswa's thread. I have reviewed the thread and see that you apologised for statements you felt were unfair. Now it is up to Pastor Franswa to respond if he feels the need to do so.

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