God Has Been So Good To Me

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  1. I am very fortunate and very blessed. I love the Lord and I crave more and more of a relationship with the Father / Lord / HS. Sometimes I am just so lazy and need to push through it.
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  2. Hi CD, I sometimes think that a relationship with God is literally like a child to a parent. When a kid's in trouble, they call (for help). When everything's going OK, He (the parent/God) hear's nothing :rolleyes:. Which is exactly what I get from my kids. I always think that no news means good news...

    You sound like you're in a really good place right now, so you don't really need help with stuff, but it's always nice to touch base from time to time and say hello.

    So just say hello to God everyday and tell Him your latest news. That's how the best relationships start.:)


    Annie x

    PS Thanks for your comments on the alcohol thread. I really appreciate it x
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  3. You are right. I have started using the alone time driving in the car as time to speak with God. I canceled my sirus radio and just talk with God. i have been working on keeping my thoughts on God always too, because they drift. the more i read, pray, chat with God, spend time alone with him the more my desires line up with Him. It's been a good journey.
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  4. That's a great choice you have made! For I believe that God desires us to include Him in everything we do. He does not just wish to be a bystander, or someone we only go to when we are in trouble or need something. Walking by Faith should be a lifestyle, even the apostle Paul thought so... because he said that the just live by faith.

    When our faith muscles are built up, it means our shield of faith is standing tall in front of us. And all the fiery darts of the enemy cannot move us. It also means the rest of our armour is in place and we know how to stand against anything the devil throws against us. Our words and speech line up with God's, and like you said, our lives are more in tune with Him.

    He desires to be our best friend and says that a humble person is totally reliant upon Him. When we obey Him, we are pleasing to Him, and are a blessing to others. And that's the biggest purpose of our lives.... to be a joy helper and spreader of the good news of everything that's ours in Christ and comes from heaven where our citizenship is.

    blessings... shouting on the inside over here :)
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  5. It's been a journey. This time last year I was in a horrible divorce situation. June 1st is my one year divorce anniversary.
    Literally, God walked with me through the entire process. It was such an ugly divorce. The HS would tell me to keep my mouth shut and to walk in love, which is what I did. Some days were easy and some days were hard. I knew that I knew that I knew that the Lord was with me through the entire situation even when I didn't feel Him. I just knew it. He has been so good to me and has lifted me up. I am so very happy.
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