God died for his children

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  1. God died for his children

    Man could not restore himself to that relationship, hee had gone to far. He had sunk to low. He was morally enfeebled by sin and doomed by Gods own edict to die Genesis 2;17.

    There was nothing God could do but receive in Himself the penalty He had decreed for sin. True, He could have set aside His law and said that it was of no consequence; but had He done so He would have jeopardized the foundation on which the goverment of His hole universe depends. The penalty for disobedience is death, and this penalty had to be paid either by the offender, or by the lawgiver in his own person.

    Because God is love He chose the latter course, though He knem it must lead to Calvary.

    Here indeed was perfect love, made manifested by an act of utter self surrender and submission, the willing yielding up of life thet others might live.

    What the Incarnation cost God the Father we sall never Know. How much it meant for God the son to Die for the human race must also remain a mystery. Even the angels do not not understand it; and it will be the theme of endless discussion and wounderment through all eternity
    1 Peter 1;11,12

    Always in thought of you my lord God

    God Bless All

    Love brother
  2. very Good post,people will get very ashamed very soon.
  3. :) Nice posting Univac!
    Total dependence on the mercy of God as manifest in the act of love perpetrated by Jesus creates a humble heart.
    Total dependence on the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit to find and do the Father's will is our call.
  4. Great post!

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