God determines who is saved

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    Did Jesus mourn over all those who didn't have faith in him? No, he knew who his sheep were. In the same way we should not beat ourselves up because some do not believe, God decides who is saved, not us.

    Many churches today like to put emphasis on a broken heart for the lost. Why should we have broken hearts when we have a God who saves to the uttermost those who Jesus died for? People want to believe that our effort actually determines salvation, instead of the truth that our effort is only the means.

    Paul might have lamented over Israel's unbelief, but where in the new testament does he or Jesus lament over an individual who does not believe?

    If God truly wanted everyone saved, and salvation was left up to man's choices, then why weren't their hearts broken? Will God not be eternally heartbroken and sad because the very people he sent his son to die for are in hell? If God wants everyone saved then is he not a failure?

    The truth regarding God's election is glorious for us who have been given his eternal love in Jesus. It is even more glorious when we see how he deals with sinners without his loving grace, so that we may see how great a gift it is we have been given.

    God determines who is saved, and that should give us great joy. The joy of knowing God has eternally loved you. That you are forever safe in his arms. Given the very righteousness of Christ, and loved just as he is. What greater love is there than that?

    Yes God is love, but WHO does he love? All people, or his chosen children?
  2. I believe God mourns greatly for everyone who defies and rejects Him. However, I believe also that His joy will be great and complete when His children are all gathered to Him---just as we will be joyful, despite the fact that many friends and loved ones will not be with us for eternity.
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  3. well Jesus did lament over those who didn't believe, but they believed later.

    Jesus wept - many didn't believe Lazarus could be raised from the dead.
    Something about the hens and keeping her chicks under her wings?
    Jesus was patient with Simon (now named Peter) when he did things out of unbelief.
    Jesus reassured doubting Thomas.

    Many examples.
    He got angry with Pharisees and moneylenders and Saducees he did not even bother with cos he knew their hearts were hard. He said if they didn't believe what Moses wrote, they wouldn't believe in him even when someone got raised from the dead.

    Anyway I can't really answer your question with a pat answer but do know God doesn't want anyone to perish and his invitation is open to all. He can't MAKE someone believe, that is a choice of ours, I think. I know God didn't MAKE me believe in Him but I would have been a fool not to.
  4. Jesus even converted Paul, a dyed in the wool Pharisee...so there is hope.
  5. also reminds me of the verse which ends...His hands are stretched out still...
    God is angry with sinners yes, but he has ways of calling them to account. And He will forever be stretching out his hand...I don't think you can write off anybody and say well they just not chosen. Maybe they weren't chosen at the time YOU were chosen but there's still time.
  6. Think it's just a lazy way of saying, well I'm saved (or was raised christian) so I just don't need to tell anyone the gospel cos God can do it without my input. Um no.

    Jesus said to preach the word go out into all the world. So he wanted to reach everyone. We are his hands and feet. This does not mean you just bombard people but it does mean everyone must have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
  7. Also..YOU don't really know who is sheep and who is goat till you get to know them a bit more.
  8. God grieves greatly for His lost ones. And His desire is that everyone would desire to be saved. But because He gave us the choice, no matter how much it hurts Him, he has to let the lost ones make their decision. However, that does not mean that He totally gives up. Just like with Paul, He still keeps knocking on the door of their hearts.

    Because God is a gentleman He will not go against someone's will. And because He doesn't want robots, He chooses to not make someone accept Him. But the choice is there. That's the biggest reason why we should be praying for the lost and asking the Lord of the Harvest to continue to send out Laborers, to evangelize the lost. I pray all the time for God to grant all of His lost sheep the gift of repentance. God is a just God, and because He is not a liar, but true to His own Words, He has to let people make their own decision.
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  9. I really hate Calvinism ... I want to believe the latter but...

    Calvinism is proving to be true.
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