God Calls One Home Right After Baptism With Giant Wave!!

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  1. GUADALUPE, Calif. - Rescuers unsuccessfully scoured the waters off a Central Coast beach Sunday after three people were swept to sea during a baptism ceremony, and only two managed to return to shore on their own, authorities said.

    The U.S. Coast Guard says the search was called off about midnight Sunday for the 43-year-old man who went missing, and there are no plans to resume it.

    All three were swept away from the Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve, west of the small town of Guadalupe, Santa Barbara County Fire Battalion Chief Diondray Wiley said.
    The pastor of a Santa Maria church told KCOY-TV his cousin, Benito Flores, was helping him baptize a man when a rogue wave pulled him into the ocean.

    Pastor Maurigro Cervantes of Jesus Christ Light of the Sky said he tried to grab his cousin, but a second big wave took him.

    Rescue crews from several local fire departments along with a U.S. Coast Guard boat had participated in the missing man.


    One would think you would be safe right after making Jesus Lord. Jesus said, nothing by any means shall hurt you. (Luke 10:19)

    However, being not hurt also means you listen to the Holy Spirit, being led always. Speaking in tongues help. I doubt the Baptist Church here will make a connection. God must have taken him home early, knowing the evil to come.

    Sure he did.......

    one guy got to see Jesus right away.

  2. That is amazing, sometimes its best that way. Instant salvation, no way to mess..well no time to mess up..in some ways he's truly lucky.

    Instant paradise. :)
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  3. reminds me of Paul .. the reason he gave the person over was so sin was not to increase .. hence compassion ..
  4. Ixoye, what are you saying ?
  5. Reminds me of David who should have been out with the troops and not home looking out his window in bunny slippers. God is faithful to warn. That pastor should have known something.
  6. This man will not have struggles with faith and the world but he also has a story that people will not easily forget.
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    So you also saw the ? ? ? ? 's
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    Yep! David listened to the wrong voice.
  9. What should the pastor have known?
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    Outside of the spiritual realm; the pastor should have considered the weather!
  11. What do you mean? He should have not taken them out to the Ocean that day to baptize. He should have known that.

    very strange Question Sweetpea.
  12. How would he know that? He's not a psychic. You don't think it was just that man's time to go?
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    Beloved, does a man need the gift of discernment to turn a radio, TV of cell phone on for the weather?
  14. LOL, no. But I don't think it's his fault. It was an accident.
  15. I thought it was an unexpected rogue wave!
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    Beloved, does a man need the gift of discernment to turn a radio, TV of cell phone on for the weather?
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    It was to them: but if it was mentioned in the news item, I missed it.
  18. There are not such things as accidents. No such thing as chance. No such thing as luck.

    A Pastor has to hear God for his sheep. A Pastor does not lead his sheep into danger.

    Jer 3:15
    And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

    Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
    (Jer 23:1)

    You have a strange Doctrine there Sweetpea. His time to go??? You have already been given scripture concerning that and ought to take heed to the Word of God.

    No, Satan had a place and killed that man.
  19. I don't have strange doctrine. I don't find it appropriate to blame the pastor for not knowing that was going to happen. That's strange to me.
  20. Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

    I find it hard to believe that God is asleep and not willing to led us away from danger. I would post many scriptures, but I doubt you would take heed like all the other scriptures I posted. Something did happen today though.

    Today watching 2 kids 6 and 2 with the wife the mother came back to pick them up. She sat and talked but said, "Lets take the kids outside to ride the scooters." My wife said, how about we just talk before you go. This women insisted. So my wife, my daughter the other mom and her two boys went outside to play.

    My wife comes back in and asked. You heard right? Should I tell her and come in? I said nope, we can't be the Holy Spirit for people and you did tell her no once, but she ignored you. So the wife went back out.

    It was about 10 min later my wife comes running in. The moms 6 year old fell off his scooter, busted up both knee's and broke his wrist.

    She needed Towels for the blood.

    God is Faithful, to those who will be led by the Holy Spirit.

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