God brought someone back into my life

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  1. About a year and a half ago my ex girlfriend who I loved greatly broke up with me pretty much out of nowhere. It was really hard right after but the pain eased with time and prayer. You could say that I got over her but I never really stopped caring. So I continued to pray for her just that God would bless her and keep her and that if it was His will I might see her again. A couple weeks ago out of nowhere she contacted me. God answered my prayers, but we recently stopped talking again. She's not saved and I know the dangers of that and she parties and drinks. She's not a virgin like me but that doesn't bother me because of God's forgiveness. To be honest we did mess around when we were together (no sex) and this recent time too. I know that was wrong and have sense repented. I'm just kicking myself because I should have been sharing Jesus with her. I believe God brought back in my life for a reason and now I don't know why she's out of it again. She's the only girl I've really ever cared about and I desperately want her to accept Jesus. I pray daily that she would come to know Him and that she would see. I know the enemy is trying to keep her but I know God is stronger. It just gets hard when it feels like there's nothing I can do. I pray that if it's God's will He'll give me one more chance to share with her. I know God is in control. I know his timing is perfect and I trust and believe in Him with my whole heart that she will come to know him. It just gets hard sometimes. (But on a positive note I have grown alot closer to God in this tough time. I really do feel his presence when I pray and when I read His word). I would just ask that yall would pray for me that I would have strength and wisdom. Thank you. God bless
  2. As you have experienced spiritual growth since your relationship with this woman has ended, I can only assume that as she is still unsaved and living a lifestyle that is not one you share, that it is not God at all who has brought her back into your life, but the enemy of God who desires to break you down, and to reduce your spiritual stature to naught by succumbing to the carnal pressure he is exerting on you.

    The wisdom of God should say to you: "Run!"

    God's best for you is someone else.
  3. Just because she popped back into your life for a moment does not make it God nor His will.
    Keep praying for her but keep and open heart and MIND to what God is saying and NOT what you HOPE He says.
    God Bless
    Jim....Been there done that got the t-shirt ;)
  4. From experience, this is what I'll say.
    Focus 100% on your walk with God and nothing else. If a godly girl shows up along side your walk and she is equally yoked with you, marry her and continue on.

    You as a man who has had previous sexual relations with her cannot help her how she needs to be helped. Even if you didn't fool around, men should disciple men and women should disciple women. Invite her to church, share the gospel with her and what you know to be the truth. If she thinks you are crazy, discontinue all contact with her unless she decides she wants to know more. If the Holy Spirit does move her to pursue God more, bring her to wise women in your church to disciple her. Grow in your faith, and have her grow in hers.

    Emotions are high, and your heart is telling you this is God's will, but remember Jeremiah 17:9. Do not follow your feelings or your heart.
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  5. Thank you for your comment. And youre right I should have been a Godly man about it and led her. That's what I regret about it now. Looking back on it I should have been a better example.
  6. Comes with experience unfortunately, I was in a similar boat.

    Best of luck and I pray you have wisdom in your situation!
  7. I have to agree with everyone else. My ex came back into my life and turned it upside down. By the time he was done with me I was depressed,my confidence was gone and I was rebelling against God. I was a complete mess.My ex is my weakness. So now I stay far away from him as God means everything to me right now and I don't want anything getting in between that relationship again. I become a totally different person with my ex,deeply in love, but self destructive.I do understand.He was the man I wanted to spend my life with. I think I loved him more than life itself (which is wrong). So be careful and pray about it and see what God says/thinks of it :)
  8. There will usually be a much bigger sign that God wants someone in your life. Not just them popping back in and bringing you back down the road of lust…

    Be careful here. Perhaps God wants to use you to bring her closer to Him…but this isn’t going to happen in private corners where you to are indulging in sexual sin. It will happen in a public area, no touching, or over the phone reading the bible together, speaking and praying to God. If she is unwilling to become a Christian on her own terms, meaning not becoming one for you, but for herself, then you need to let the relationship go.

    While everything is fun an passionate now, not being equally yolked will cause a slew of problems years to come if you two end up getting back together or married. You said that you two began talking and then stopped again. Is there any reason that your relationship with this woman has been so on again and off again? That should be a big red flag. The relationship between the two of you (with all do respect) does seem mostly physical. Spend some time in prayer about this. Ask God to remove her from your life if she is not meant to be there. Continue to pray for her salvation as well. For now, I think it is best to continue distancing yourself.
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