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  1. Hi,

    Every one.

    It is my joy to tell all of you that on 27th Jan, 2016 we have got a new baby girl. Now the mother and baby is doing good and I am happy to serve them.
    Thanking You for your prayer support.
    God bless
    Lampu and Kikim
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  2. Awesome!! Congrats and many of God's blessings on you all!! :D
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  3. Congrats!
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  4. Happy for your little family, Lampu... congratulations!
    Mom and baby girl are blessed to have you, as you
    are to have them. God bless!
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  5. Thank You Nanon, you might have read my testimony and God ministry I am doing. Please continue to pray for my study, I am doing my doctor of theology in Indian, I am staying with my wife and a new born baby, it not much easy to do research along with family.
    Thank You once again.
  6. Lampu
    Greetings and Blessings,
    May All your days be filled with thee Love and Peace and Joy of our Lord and may He always be seen in and through you and your family brightly.
    Blessings my brother
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