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  1. There are a few I made friends with on this forum and more than a few I could really live without knowing. I took a chance coming back to forums and I do regret doing this. I don't see anything positive on here or anything really glorifying God. Just a bunch of egos that feel they are all knowing. I choose not to get involved in theological debates because they really go no where. Like I said there are a few on here I will stay in contact with. This forum has hindered my walk with God more than anything else. God Bless
  2. Well, I for one will miss you here on this forum. But I have made a good friend and am glad in that. I know anytime you defend the "real" truth that satan will work through others to attempt to make you move from the truth. By Gods grace alone can any of us stand. And be sure that just a Peter spoke one moment from the wisdom that comes from heaven and the next the Lord had to rebuke the devil speaking through him...so it is on this forum. Blessings brother..
  3. To be frank, I see that it is your attitude that is hindering your walk with the Lord, not this forum.
    You have judged the majority of posters here as in some way inferior to others (and yourself).......is that the fruit of a mature Christian? Did this forum cause this?
    Who knows? maybe I am one of those who you feel are driving you away. To say I couldn't care less would not be the truth, but in the end, you must take responsibility for defeat on yourself and not try to put it on others.
    That would be a step in growth toward maturity don't you think?
    That is not going to happen for you while you run and hide your sensibilities under the bed.
    Trust me when I say that this forum is as gentle as a new born kitten compared to some I have been on.
  4. sigh....

    well, all the best
  5. What I miss?

    You know this reminds of when people say they hate Facebook, or guns kill people. They're just tools. Evil people with a sinful nature are everywhere you go. Will you run away every time? Just my humble opinion. Be blessed
  6. 1. Can you give some examples of threads you would like to see?
    2. Would you say the majority here do not love Jesus?
    3. Do you believe Christians are on earth to serve or be served?
    4. If you owned this site and saw someone making a martyr of themselves on it, what would you think of their Christianity / message sent of your Christianity? When your Christianity is clearly explained / available for everyone to read, but theirs is not.

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