God’s great time span.

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  1. God’s great time span.

  2. Are the pages of Daniel, slowly turning?

    Part One
  3. Looking for parallels and patterns of Daniel.

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  5. The leopard being Germany right?!
  6. A quick google search reveals that Germany has 2 symbols:
    Germany – black eagle (Bundesadler) and leopard (unofficial). Formerly Tiger and Eagle under Nazi Germany - it would seem as there are different answers from different sources- also the eagles wings breaking off the lion has been attributed as the American colonies breaking away from England during the revolution- and of course many ascribe America as the eagles wings saving Israel in Revelations- it is kind of hard to put all this togeather but I find it interseting to try- I like to listen to Irving Baxter on the radio sometimes- he comes up with alot of intersting scenarios.
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  8. The mark of the beast.

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  10. Seventy Weeks Of Daniel 9:


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