global warming

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by smellycat, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. global warming

    it,s freezing over here.:)
  2. At our temporary location this month... 2 degrees below zero F. with wind chill at minus 9 degrees F.

    (That's negative 19 degrees C. and negative 23 degrees C. chill.)

    Global Warming? ... Yeah, Right! :rolleyes:
  3. The center of global warming seems to have been located on the side of Al gores house. His electric meter is spinning so fast it is burning up.
  4. My pastor told a baaad joke this past of those "oldie but goodie" jokes. :rolleyes::p

    It is so cold in Washington DC right now that all the politicians have their hands in their own pockets.

    Anyhow, down here in Texas, we had out cold front move in last night and we are expecting a high in the 40's today. Earlier this week, and even last Saturday we were having weather in the 80's. My husband and I welcome the change since out A/C went out last Friday and we have been quite hot here at home. Because of how the windows are here, I can't open them for fresh air. :(
  5. I like it BW!:D
  6. how about when most of the world burn with lust etc,then the earth warms .so forget emmisions and stop burning.:)
  7. :D:cool::D:cool::D:cool::D:cool::)
  8. So do you guys think the global warming scare is just a joke? I watch the History channel and Discovery alot, I shouldn't because they scare me, but I do, and some of the things I've seen seem pretty serious. I'd LOVE to hear some reasons why I shouldn't worry about it so I can rest easy.

    (btw, I just reread that and it sounds sarcastic but I really do wonder what you think because I really am scared and would love to hear an argument that would calm me down a bit:eek: :( :) )
  9. global warming

    Is 34 here :eek:
  10. In truth global warming and cooling is a natural cycle. We are experiencing the same weather patterns now we were having in the early 1900's.
  11. Treshay, just for your info: The 'History Channel' is CONTROLLED by the General Electric owned A&E Network and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), two of the most LIBERAL corporate entities on the face of the planet.

    The 'Discovery Channel', while slightly less liberal than the History Channel, is run by Discovery Networks USA in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is a proponent of the "green" message in it's programming on the 12 channels that it oversees.

    The 'The Learning Channel' (TLC) is another part of the Discovery Networks USA conglomerate and all of these are part of the liberal left wing environmental movement to make us ALL affraid and make us all scared and make us all buy in to their doom and gloom scenario. THAT is what liberals do best and since they CONTROL almost all of media, that is the only message that you hear. Don't fall for what you hear on these channels. These 'people' are the same proponents of 'evolution' and the 'big bang theory' that is routinely featured on these media outlets.

    Do your OWN independent studies on the normal cyclical climate changes on earth and SEE FOR YOURSELF what they aren't telling you. Does anyone really believe that God would allow puny MAN to destroy His planet? Not a chance - but to listen to these left wing activists, you would think that the planet is doomed at the hands of man. Don't believe it - DO THE STUDIES YOURSELF and stop listening to the propaganda.
  12. Something else that Al Gore and his environmentalist activist buddies such as The Weather Channel's Heidi Cullen, will not tell you is that Antarctic Sea Ice is expanding rapidly and is currently well above the usual Mid February levels.
  13. Thank you for that article! Very interesting and my husband will be glad that I read it LOL. I also watched the clip off to the side and that's very interesting as well.
  14. Notice how many fairy tales these channels tout as truth/science (How many millions of years? Man came from monkeys!)? I take them all with a grain of salt...
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  16. Lol, it's JUNE in Southern California, and usually it is above 79 degrees and it is only 70 - 78 right now! And it's 60 - 70 at night! Global warming, eh? :D:D:D Even in the valley it is only 80 or maybe 90 but it's really about 80. I am so surprised because for two days it was cloudly, but that's June Gloom, teee heee.
  17. Global warming isn't as huge of a temperature change as some of you may be thinking. There is the potential threat of rise in temperature over the next century being around 4°C! That may not seem like a lot at first, its less than a degree every few years to the overall average of the world temperature. But... thats A LOT, especially for other animals on the planet. This would cause massive extinctions and would hurt ecosystems around the world that would end up hurting people quite a bit. Its important to at least look at the subject seriously for our children.
  18. In the time frame of the earth's existance, a span of 16,000 years is a very minor time period. With that being said, the earth is STILL rebounding from the last ice age from roughly 16,000 years ago. It gets WARMER as time progresses in this particular cycle. "Green scientists" conveniently ignore this fact and place the activities of MAN in the equasion as being the 'cause' if this gradual 'warming'.

    These "activist scientists and environmentalists" use these falsely contrived scare tactics to reinvent themselves and to bring attenton to a non-existant problem so their $$$ grants and funding can be justified... just to keep themselves solvent by taxpayer monies and for their own financial gain.
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