"global Warming" Proven To Be A Hoax !!!!

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Pastor Gary, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Global Warming; PROVEN to be a Hoax !!!!

    The information that is being presented here is factual and verifyable. I waited 5 days to post this information here in this area because I wanted to do my own additional research into the SOURCES if this information. I am also including a small amount of political sarcasm and due to the fact that the "Global Warming Hoax" has cost the world's citizens countless billions of dollars, pounds, yen and other currencies for the past 15 to 30 years, I am also including some anger.

    I will give you several news release links below this introduction. I would ask that you read everything that is presented in these links because YOU WILL NOT see this being covered in the left wing, liberally controlled mainstream media. The left wing radical environmentalists, junk scientists and liberal media are all trying their best to cover up this information so it's impact may not be as bad as they are thinking that it could be.

    The original "concept" of 'man made global warming' was FABRICATED for two main reasons. (1) To provide under-funded "scientists" with grant money spun out of their own greed and (2) To provide a vehicle of intimidation and FEAR within the left wing liberal agenda of global DOMINATION. The agenda of the liberal fringe left is to make the general population affraid of something. Then 'big government' can step in, win the hearts and minds of those who are scared, and dominate them globally. Their wish is to create a one world government - where everyone is equal and everyone is controlled by government. Scaring persons and making them affraid and then "being there" to 'assist' them, is the way that the fringe left operates - through lies and deception.

    NOW, that their balloon is about to burst because of the PROOF that was uncovered recently, the left is scrambling to cover this all up.

    As an educated weather phenomenon researcher myself, I have looked into their claims of 'global warming' for over 20 years. The science to prove their point is just not there... and the information that was uncovered recently proves this fact. When you read the following information, you have every right to become somewhat angry as to what the 'junk scientific community' has done to YOU and your fellow citizens for nearly two decades. Then, when YOU hear self elevated "spokespersons" such as Al Gore, spouting the virtues of their Global Warming agenda, shout him and others down - now that you know the truth. Vote for those political candidates worldwide who are on the bandwagon to continue to expose this hoax. YOU have the power in the voting booth to elect candidates who will cut off 'junk scientific funding' and to rid us of this fabricated, manipulated, and deceptive lie.

    Please read on and as Christians, you have every right to be indignant through Christian Discernment and Righteous Indignation. You also may wish to do a Google search for 'Global Warming Hoax' for nearly 1000 additional links and news releases concering this:

    Global Warming Hoax: News

    FOX News and TrollCat agree: Global warming is BUNK! | Grist

    Global warming conspiracy theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Global Warming Hoax: Facts and Fictions of Al Gore?s "An Inconvenient Truth"

    May I also ask that if you reply to this post - that your comments be factual, backed up by solid evidence and without cussing or elevated language. Since the 'mainstream media' will not cover this factually, WE can all do this, as Christians, to get the message out to others in a proper Christian manner. Thank you and may God bless.
  2. Thank you Pastor Gary! My Anatomy instructor and I argued that it was a hoax to everyone.. yet al gore had them all globatrized:):).. God know's just what HE is doing.. and if HE feels the earth shuold warm up by 1 single degree..then why in the world call it global warming.lol.. than's G!!

  3. Just think about the situation where ALL these so called 'scientists' fabricated data KNOWINGLY and good old Al used this for political and monitary profit...

    If Al Gore thinks that the earth is warming...he's going to feel right at home in Hell after Judgement...
  4. No polar bears there either PG!!!!

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