Gladly became a member...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Vheneza, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Gladly became a member...

    Hi everyone!
    I would like to post and to announce that I'm so Glad to become a member and found this site...
    I have read the past forums posted here, well, it lifted my spirit....and I it helps me fix my relationship with God.
    I honestly would like to say that I became a Carnal Christian. Haven't gone to church for four years because of my job function. I really felt the guilt of not going to church. It's really a burden not to get close to God. I just read the Bible and pray but it's best to come to church and praise God with fellow Christians.
    I missed those days where me and my whole family will go to Church every Sunday. I missed those young people's bible studies, and the Church services and the sermons even if I felt sleepy on Church sermons (one way of the devil's tactics).
    Again, thank you moderator....and to my fellow Christians and Believers here..
    Godbless...Jesus Loves me and to all of you too...
  2. Hello :)
    First, welcome the forums!
    Second, going to church does not make you a Christian. But yes, it IS important to attend church. But please know that it will not make you a Christian!
    I know how it's like not being so close to God due to life situations. Just keep trying to seek him :) :) :) Once you let him come into your life and take over, you will see a grand transformation. He transformed me, and I never thought He would! But it was because I allowed God to work in my life. <3

    Third, before you continue posting, please check out the following links!

  3. Welcome to CFS...Glad you decided to join us.

    Look forward to fellowship with you.

    God bless,

  4. :dance::dance::dance:

    Thank you guys! I felt the happiness of being a member of a Christlike family, I slowly felt God's presence...PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!
    Looking forward for a fellowship with you guys!

  5. Haha me too :) :) :) :)
    Hope to get to know ya better!
  6. General Santos City?

    Welome Kabayan! Kamusta?
  7. Hi Kabayan! I'm about you? Nice to know there's a fellow Christian Filipino member here. :smile_anim: Where are you located?
  8. Haha me too :) :) :) :)
    Hope to get to know ya better!

    That would be great!!!!!
  9. From a city w/ in a city!

    Eastwood city in Quezon City!
  10. Hi John, been to Manila just once and I definitely don't know the place except on places shown on local television channels...hehehe...I have been to Pasay, the Rizal Park, Manila Ocean Park, Subic. Actually, it's a privilege for me to come to Manila, like it's a 4 days tour, just a flash on what can you see in Manila.
    I think Eastwood is an elite place???? Correct me if I'm wrong. Frankly, I became an Ignorant in Manila..hahahaha! It's really a new adventure for me. I hope I could get a visit there.
    Actually John, I just work in General Santos City, but my real home is in Davao City, I missed the place.
  11. It is but I'm not part of it. Hehe. I just live on the outskirts of Eastwood city. I just walk to work. Just takes me about 10 minutes to get to the office which is in Eastwood.

    Never been to Davao. But I hear it's a pretty place :)
  12. Never been to Davao. But I hear it's a pretty place :)

    TO: jOHN
    Yeah, Davao is a nice place, colder environment not like here in Gensan. What do you do?
    uhmm...question: how can u reply with that thing around the texts I've written?
  13. I'm a call center rep. You?

    Click Reply With Quote. It's below the post. Next to the facebook icon, there's "Reply" then next to that is "Reply With Quote".
  14. from Australia!!

    Hello, I'm a proud Aussie, so you're just sort of 'up the road' from us!!

    Yes, you can get some great help and teaching on CFS, and we're all so very glad you're here - as you can see!!

    Peace and love!!

    - BM


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  15. Glad to know a new Sister in here, Vheneza, welcome.
    I'm a Chinese. In dint of dictionary I can read English article, post etc. But my capacity to write, listen, and speak is poor.
    Wish everyone correct my post. hahaha

    God Bless

  16. Thank you John! At last I got it right!!!!
  17. Hi..thank you for your warm welcome. It's okay if anyone writes, listens or speaks poorly in English, I can assure you that I will try my best of my knowledge and ability to comprehend the things that you want to tell. Right guys?
    The most important thing is we are ONE IN GOD.
  18. By the way, I went to Chinese school way back in elementary until high school, but sadly, I hardly can learn how to speak chinese...really, I realized I wanted to learn it back now...maybe it's the fact before that I am not interested in learning the language and now the realization came back...I want to learn it again...huhuhu...

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