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  1. I thought it would be interesting if we listed all the ways we know that our enemy the devil can get a foot hold into our lives. Scriptures says he is roaming and seeking someone....So what are the things he is seeking as his open door or invitation into our lives.

    Thank YOU
    God Bless
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  2. Did you notice that he is roaming? That tells me that he does not have direct access.
    Strife and unforgiveness are two that i can think of.
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  3. seeking approval? He will then get in by flattery and seduction.
    common one is music, taking the focus off God and the joy of salvation and onto problems and anxieties and broken hearts. We then wallow in self-pity.
    pride. He will puff people up and make them think they bigger than God and can do anything, better than anyone else.
    engendering fear..if we are fearful for our own lives, we won't trust God and be suspicious of Him.
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    Lust, negative feelings...those are two more.
    The enemy will put negative feels on you, and try to get you to focus on them. Have you ever noticed that you sometimes feel some kind of negative feeling and you don't know why?
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  5. Uses "I" to make us think it's our own thoughts... getting one to admit to something they don't believe in is the first step in actually believing it. Power of life and death are literally in the tongue... so to put him in his place, quote the promises of the word of God.
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  6. Keep them coming please.
    Abdicate thank you for bringing up words. ; )
    I will post what I have learned soon so again thank you and please keep them coming.
    God Bless
  7. False visions, manifestations and dreams. Often masquerading as from God.
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  8. Bitterness and envy. If you see someone blessed and you dont have the blessing the devil will trick you into stealing that persons blessing instead of asking God about it. He will make you jealous of other people.

    Love of money. By the constant barrage of media esp tv and junk mail, convince ppl hey need to consume more and more and think and worry about money, making it their God instead of relying on the Lord to provide.
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  9. "Sin"
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  10. 1Jn 5:18 We know that everyone who has been born of God does not keep on sinning, but he who was born of God protects him, and the evil one does not touch him.
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  11. self-righteousness.
    You think just cos you do all the right religious things, that you are holy. then something happens that should not happen to a 'good person'. instead of looking to yourself and humbling toward God, you start blaming God for everything wrong in your life, cos you believe you so perfect that nothing should ever happen to you.
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  12. Sister, are you referring to something that happened to you in your life? Did you ever do all the right things but trouble still came? Have you ever blamed God for something you did not deserve?
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    Satan loves to torment people with negative thinking about themselves. "I can't do that", or "I am a terrible person", or "I'll never amount to anything", etc. are often thoughts of the Christian and non-Christian alike. For the believer, they are not our own thoughts, but plants of impressions that when we receive them, often they are felt as if they are our own thoughts, and immediately they are uttered through the mouth, which seals the deal for the devil---because he doesn't know what we are thinking until we say it. What we speak becomes our reality. It takes a strong work of the Holy Spirit to bring us to correction about the negative talk we utter and the power of words, and to free us of such bondage of self-degradation.

    For the unbeliever, it further mires them into the darkness they are living in, and they need the light of Jesus Christ to open their eyes about who they are to Him---LOVED!

    We are King's kids! Royalty! We need to train our minds and tongues to reflect that truth. When we fully believe it, our lives will change and the devil's taunting will become useless...and eventually cease.
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  14. A few more...

    Another trap. Religious expectations. Pleasing men instead of the Lord. Doing things just cos everyone else is doing them.
    Like if you single, and everyone else in church is being paired off. You think something wrong if you are not, instead of enjoying your season of singleness. You make a spouse or partner into god instead of having a devoted relationship with your saviour.

    Looking at things and circumstances instead of walking in faith. Paul said whatever state he was in, he was content. Some people only content if they have everything going right. Or if things are going right, they forget to be thankful, and take it for granted.

    Listening to lies and accepting them. We are to combat them with the truth, especially scripture. Then the devil will flee. He knows we cant be shaken if you do this, submit to Gods word. That is why important to read and know your bible.

    Failing to pray. Jesus spent time each morning praying and praying for others as well. If he was up at night, he was praying. He didnt stop till he heard from his Father.

    Dabbling in witchcraft and occult. This can open doors. Do not do this ever. If you have any previous dealings or occult objects and books in your house, burn them. You need to cast these demons out. And be saved and sealed. Otherwise they can come back and it will be seven times worse for you.
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  15. Ahhhhh thee battle of the mind very good..........
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  16. This is very true BUTTTTT it is we who open the door unto the enemy most of the time and it is not sin.....should be but it is not.
  17. I can not think of any other way of giving the devil a "foot hold" in our lives except through "sin".

    Eph 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
    Eph 4:27 Neither give place to the devil.
  18. Big smile Curtis for yes you do for you have talked about it. Stick around and soon I will post some of the major ways and your gonna go, oh man I knew that. lol
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    Any area that we are not Overcoming sin is an area that we leave open as a "Foothold" so to speak...
    People who struggle with porn won't typically speak out against Sexual mischief....
    People who struggle with gossip, scandal, and hating others won't speak out against the same....
    People who struggle with cowardice and fear of speaking The Word won't speak against the same...

    Another is not wanting to "Hurt the feelings" of the secular world - or even fellow believers... One of the ways that we prevent ourselves from being Calloused, Hardened, and Jaded against the pain and guilt of sin is to tell ourselves that it's OK... To give ourselves an excuse that it's OK to practice whatever we want... We use the excuse of "I am forgiven" .. "We have grace"... Etc... Eventually - we push through and callous over the pain/guilt spots in our conscience.... Notice that this action on our part actually PREVENTS us from overcoming and from fighting - as we simply accept our condition as "Ok"...

    But remember - we still have God's "Hedge" around us to some extent protecting us.... So - while Satan may have a foothold to torment us and hamstring our ministry to render us ineffective through the ongoing sin - he does not have the authority to attempt to make us Curse God.....

    As such - we must remember that it's not our OWN faithfulness that keeps Satan at bay - but rather God's faithfulness and love for us... It's not US who have the power within us to keep Satan out of our lives - it's God...

    When we look at Job Ch. 1 and 2 - we see the effects of the "Hedge" being removed.... Most of us have no idea what it's really like when that hedge is removed.... Literally - your whole world crashes down around you and everything you touch falls apart... Even your husband/wife may turn against you (As Job's did).. Your church is against you - everyone and everything in your life turns completely upside down... We have no personal power to stop this - it's all within God's control... Frequently - these times end up being periods of intense spiritual growth - and in hindsight, we see this... but we often don't see it while going through it...

  20. Comfort...
    Make sure we have no conflict and that things are easy and pain free. That way there is far less reason to turn to Jesus.

    Legalism, specifically the unthinking kind...
    I'm not referring to those who follow the rules to earn something, but to those who have a name for everything, a box to put it in, and a practiced response to go with it. That way, no actual thought or consideration is required.
    This kind of legalism limits God and turns the persons faith to their own limited understanding and away from Jesus and His wonders.

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