Give Up Smoking Yet?

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Did you give up smoking?

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  1. Okay people, so quite a while ago I gave up smoking.

    Anyone else managed to do this?

    (See poll, also.)

    BTW, I don't think this is particularly a 'theological' issue; simply it's a good idea to give up.

  2. Feel free to comment also, even if you don't want to participate in the poll!
  3. Why is proven self-destruction not a "theological" issue?
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  4. To state it like this is to say: I have my opinion and no one else's counts. (Even though the Bible doesn't actually mention smoking.)

    Thanks for your vote and comment.
  5. Tried for seven years, gave it up cold turkey. Took me 2 years to NOT to want a cigarette. Now I can't stand the smell of it. Been since New Years 2002 since I lit one up.
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  6. Cold turkey works for some ppl, certainly!
  7. I've never smoked at all, mostly because I saw what my father went through when he quit. He didn't have the motivation to quit until he became a Christian, and he wanted to give it up as a symbol that he wouldn't be mastered by or enslaved to anything in this world.
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  8. I'm sure there is a strong case not to start at all. (Whether I would regard it as some norm for 'correct' orthodoxy is debatable, but it's good when folk don't even start, I'm sure.)

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
  9. No it isn't! Please try not attacking with personal jabs like this.

    I just asked how is NOT a theological issue...The Bible doesn't mention many itemized poisons, this one not even know about in the Bible era, as it was a New World drug.

    But the Bible is clear about respecting your health: or is that just "my opinion"?
  10. Well, again, you're strongly presenting things as being beyond your own opinion and binding on others. Mind you, chapter and verse from the Bible is good.

    You know, my thing about Fundamentalists is that there is often a mindset whereby the only people who are actually tolerated are those who are like them culturally.

    In fact I have lived in countries where many evangelical Christians routinely smoke. I don't necessarily like the idea, but there it is. But I don't believe in foisting Anglophone North American cultural assumptions upon the consciences of people who maybe have never even been to North America, and demanding that their orthodoxy be established according to other people's cultural customs.

    This is what I meant about it not being a 'theological' issue in my humble view.

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    Bending to cultural norms??? So you approve of coca leave chewing for Bolivian Christians? Hashish is quite common in the Middle that's just dandy for Christians?

    Bible verses? You want ones that say "tobacco"? Of course it's not there...neither is heroin, LSD or crack.

    But there are many verses that have to do with health, non-addiction and cleanliness (and only a smoker would consider his habit "clean"):

    The next verse is about the mind, so Paul is talking about a flesh and blood body.

    There are many more, but this should show that slow poisoning from tobacco is not a "lesser vice", anymore than slowly poisoning your wife with arsenic.
  12. 1. I'm not a Fundamentalist. Guess you have not noticed that in my posts.
    2. What? Now I'm intolerant? BTW....I live in the midst of 5 major cultures, none of which are Christian, Western or like me. Perhaps you have overlooked this in my posts, as well.
    3. Tobacco addiction is NOT a cultural indicator....It is a modern Western habit fobbed off on the world.
  13. Okay, fine, Rusty: those are your views.

    God bless.
  14. Yes they are....Not sure why you have to say that.
  15. Thanks again. Blessings.
  16. I smoked for 20 years; never used nicotine gum, patches or any such crutches in order to quit.

    If one is serious about quitting get the facts: Ever wonder where the big Pharm company gets their nicotine? Right! From the tobacco companies! And the "quitting aids" don't work for many, cost as much or more then cigs, and ...well..the tobacco companies win one way or another....

    Study this about the "successes" of patches, gum, etc vs. cold turkey:
  17. Glad you managed to quit, Rusty.
  18. Actually: I didn't "manage" it. The Lord showed my how to do it and it worked.
    It's about co-operating with the Lord, not will power, chemical crutches, or mind control.
    It just takes faith in the fact that He who made us, can show us how to detox.
  19. I'm glad it happened, by God's grace. Blessings.
  20. Thanks for the votes so far, people.

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