Girls Gone Mild?

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  1. I've been given 2nd-hand girls clothing from friends whose girls have outgrown it. I throw out a third of it and can't imagine someone outside of places like San Fransico actually buying that kind of stuff for their girls.

    How about a pair of shorts covered with road signs, including one with an arrow-shaped sign pointing to the crotch "Park Here". Then there's the collection of panty-length skirts and skorts (which, of course, look like skirts) and spaghetti-string halter tops. These are all for pre-teens. Clothing probably gets more modest for teenagers, because I rarely see teenagers wearing such stuff.
  2. The real question is what kind of parents would let their kids dress that way regardless of what they think is in style? I am glad that modest is making a comeback. Perhaps it will slow down the molestations of children when thier parents do not dress them to look a loose 20ish.
  3. It is true how dressing trashy is inauthentic. Too much of that. You don't see modesty too often. Also if one dresses normal they may not fit in with their peers.
  4. There have been many movements, to try to stop immodesty. And modesty is still present is some parts of the universe ;)

    "It's because of the AWFUL, TERRIBLE, and CLOSE MINDED Right wing Christians!!! How dare they try to teach us peace, and to love our enemies, and that there's a God that loves us!!! They must be killed, hanged, whatever!!!! I can't stand them!!!! How dare they teach girls to dress modestly, and try to teach young kids abstinence! THEY ARE AWFUL PEOPLE"

    Yes, we Christians are terrible people, aren't we? :)
  5. Yes, what is wrong with us looking out for those kids best interests like that?
  6. In my opinion, girls should dress in the same type of clothes at guys. No more revealing flesh.
    Most girls spend so much time making themselves look "pretty" so they get attention from guys when they are out and around.

    Question to females here.
    Why does it take you so long to get dressed, lol?

    It takes guys 2mins to find something and put it on lol. :D

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