Girl lied to get out of giving me a ride

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  1. Yesterday before my church group I asked a friend that goes there and lives near me if she could give me a ride home. She said sorry Im not going home to our town afterwards, so I had to ask thepastors wife for a ride home and she ended up having to leave early. As we were leaving I overheard some other girl talking to her saying ishe thinks shes going with the girl who coulnt give me a ride and her asking if she wants to ride with her or the girl that couldn’t give me a ride (the girl who was deciding who to ride with lives near me too) So girl who couldn’t give me a ride was lying about going back to our town afterwards?? That or she was willing to go out of
    her way to give this person a ride but not me ? Why would she lie to me?? Because of her I had to leave early before everyone else! Because she lied to me.
    And I messaged her and the pastord wife earlier that day
  2. Just because people attend church doesn't make them Christians no more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

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  3. So very true.
  4. You never know if maybe there were other factors which changed her plans. Maybe she did lie. Just don't develop a grudge. People make excuses for lots of reasons. Might not have anything to do with you, so don't worry about it.
  5. I think it is one of those things which bothers us so much and we even become judgmental. It would be best for you to move on. Not to say you hurt yourself by asking for lift next week also! Just forget this incident because it is nothing to do with you

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